67 Votes, 65 People, Donald Trump discussed on Glenn Beck


Worth involving over 130 vehicles Thursday morning, 65 people were injured, the re critically among the injured War. Fort Worth police officers. Texas Senator Ted Career says the U. S. Senate will likely fail to convict former President Trump, who currently is being tried for inciting an insurrection by Democrat House impeachment managers. In order for President Trump to be convicted, It takes 67 votes. There is no chance whatsoever. There will be 67 votes to convict him. All 100 senators know that the House managers know that everyone in the room knows that the impeachment managers argued Trump inspired the violence of the capital last month. The former president's defense lawyers present their arguments beginning today, and they are expected to include pointing out past instances when Democrats have used combative rhetoric playing video similar to how the House impeachment managers use video of Trump speaking to make their case against him. Defense is also expected to argue that the House impeachment managers are taking Trump's words out of context. Well, the United States will soon be getting a lot more Corona virus vaccine. The Biden administration is secure deals with Visor and Moderna to produce an additional 200 million doses of Corona virus vaccine. The president made the announcement after touring laboratories at the National Institutes of Health that Maze Ronal attractive enough supply. For 300 million Americans. By the end of July. In an emotional appeal, Biden also reminded Americans of the importance of wearing masks while the vaccine is rolling out, saying, quote, it's a patriotic responsibility. Well, the Houston Texans are reportedly going to release Star Defensive End in one time franchise Cornerstone JJ Watt what was due to earn 17.5 million in 2021, which would also be the final year of his contract. He has no guaranteed money remaining on the deals of the Texans clear the entire amount. What has been a quarter stone of the franchise since they picked him number 11.

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