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The top six here in a couple of minutes I'll give you my prediction I have figured out what John McDonough is going to do Dave and you know me I love predictions because it's like when John Coleman was the weather man at channel seven he make these crazy weather predictions and he'd be right like once every hundred times and and the other ninety nine times nobody would remember he was wrong but they remember when he hit on something so it's in that spirit I I give my predictions here so so your confidence level there doesn't sound right now well that is it the the one in the million chance that I'm right will pay off for me that's that's how I figured it okay and and you and if I'm wrong I mean nobody will remember itself my John McDonough prediction I I know what his next job is going to be so we'll we'll get to that momentarily let's get to some traffic and first the weather from Steve and any time soon the dry weather expected yeah I know I wouldn't expect it all day today and we're watching a writer now some actual moderate rainfall now developing in the north mainly we're watching some just to the north side of Chicago around Evanston run Schaumburg in Elgin and then still up run round lake beach along the Wisconsin Illinois line so rainfall is the story of the day on and off showers is the official forecast high near fifty eight and then mostly cloudy tonight with showers continuing a low down to forty three mostly cloudy morning showers tomorrow high near sixty two right now in Chicago we have some rain out of here officially fifty six degrees there fifty seven at midway and the lake front and fifty one this morning in Morris and driving distance about town still in financial with the rain we're seeing quite a few accidents this morning most of been cleared but northbound on the tri state of the Bensenville bridge an accident now on the two center lanes and an accident in Addison at lake and grand patching and resurfacing in Elgin a route twenty five.

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