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She is running for governor against incumbent Democrat Tony Evers. Next year. She joins me live on the line right now, Uh, Miss Kleefisch. Thank you so much. Congratulations on making it official. However, did you keep this secret for so long? Yes. I know. I know. It is the worst kept secret in Wisconsin politics, But, you know, I am super proud. Uh, Our team. I'm super proud of the work that led up to this moment. I was so delighted to see you know, a couple 100. People show up at my dad's company this morning, and you know it was. It was a special moment. Ellis flew home from college and violence took the day off of school, which deeply disappointed her as you might imagine, Um, and you know, we're all in the car right now, on our way to Appleton, and then after that, Wassana and then back To walk a shock county for our final event of the night, But I hope that that is indicative of the type of work. I'm going to put into this because then you have seen Your listeners have seen the failed and incompetent leadership of Tony Evers and what it has done to the state of Wisconsin. What a disaster. These last two years have been, and we're offering something different, a far more aspirational and reasonable, honest vision for the future. And I could not be more excited about it. I mean, I'm I'm running because I have two kids that I just want to come back to Wisconsin to live their American dreams and hopefully one day raise their families. But Order to do that. We're going to need to have safe streets. We're going to need actually accountable schools and great paying jobs. And Tony Evers is not the way to get there. Why are you qualified? More than any other Republican who might have already entered the race or enters the race? From here on out? Why are you more qualified? To run them them. Why are you qualified bottom line to be governor of the state of Wisconsin? Then I have both the passion and the experience. I did spend eight years As Scott Walker's lieutenant governor, and in my capacity as lieutenant governor. Things were a little bit different than what you have seen and lieutenant governors in Wisconsin's history. I was actually in all of the budget meetings, asking the questions and helping to refine and define the policy. I was in all of the Cabinet meetings, and when the governor was out of town, I led the Cabinet meetings. I also led my own initiative. Everything from our tax reform round tables to starting the governor's small business stomach to starting a small business academy in order to connect entrepreneurs to the resources they need to start their own small businesses. I led a task force on minority unemployment. I led the task force on opioids abuse with John Nygren. And on top of that, you know, I chaired a couple national organizations, even a lot of federal agency in Washington D C for year after I lost my job as lieutenant governor, I'm ready and there is no one else who can hit the ground running in the way I can and who will Serve the people of Wisconsin with the passion and the knowledge that I have Now you faced criticism for the organization that you just cited the 18 48 project, which for full disclosure has been running ads on our flagship station W I s N radio that this was essentially a campaign. Outfit. How do you respond to what Democrats are already calling, Uh, shady behavior on your part? Have been 100% transparent about the purpose of the 18 48 project from its inception. I said that we have too many people in Wisconsin who feel unheard and unless ins too, and it should be the people dictating the policy to the government, and not the other way around. And so I started the 18 48 project named for When Wisconsin became a state and our pioneer spirit. I started the 18 48 project to travel the state and truly listen. In listening sessions, take notes and write down people's policy ideas, solicit their thoughts about how to make a better Wisconsin and I promised that we would build all of their good ideas into the policy agenda for Wisconsin's future, and I delivered I have done more than 50 listening sessions across the state of Wisconsin, an additional 22 sessions just to a scholars and experts to establish the viability in the constitutionality of the policy choices that we made to include in the documents that we release Just a couple of weeks ago called the forward agenda with our top 56 policy objectives or Wisconsin's future. And before you ask Well, is this your platform? I'm going to tell you This should be and I've said it from the start. This should be Everyone. Vision for Wisconsin. Conservative, reasonable, bold future This should be him. No all conservatives. Thing from because these are the ideas that unite us the ideas that come directly from the people. And there they are. If you take a look at at that website 18 48 project org. I urge you just read That first couple of pages. You don't even need to redraw 16 pages. But I'm proud of the work that we have done listening the people of this confidence. Rebecca Kleefisch joining me, she announced earlier today her candidacy officially for the governorship of Wisconsin. Now, after the election of 2020, Ms Kleefisch, the Overwhelming sentiment of conservatives and trust me. I have heard this more than most. Because the investigation I did into the integrity of the 2020 election here in Wisconsin, there is widespread sentiment. That because there wasn't enough done that The 2022 election will be marred by the same problems without getting into what you would do as governor because the more immediate concern is what you would do as a candidate as we saw things like democracy in the park in Madison leading up to the 2020 election as we saw things like Clerks in Dane County in Milwaukee County, giving patently unlawful advice for people to mark themselves as indefinitely confined to skirt voter idea requirements. As we see all of these things develop, and they will undoubtedly develop in the run up to 2022 over the next year. How will you pledge to your voters to conservatives across Wisconsin that you will do everything you can to challenge changes to the law made at the last minute to challenge The effort to put a weight on the scales of electoral justice here in Wisconsin. Well, First of all we need to pursue of full forensic audit. And I think we are seeing that through the work of both state wrapped in L branch in and justice Michael Gable men through WHO Speaker Flosses Initiative to investigate 2020. I am focused and someone must be on fall of 22. But to your point we're going to go into that race, fighting under the exact same walls and what we fought under in 2020, which means we must have a ruthless Hard working ethic grassroots effort in order to assure that we have the votes to take back the governor's office November 8th of 2022. That's going to involve five strong strategy, most of which is documented, frankly, in an op ed that you wrote. Some time ago, and I hope because I'm talking about it right now that you would be willing to maybe repost it at the top of your Web page because in it, Dan, you talk about the Harvard Cummings as Republicans and one of the things that we will tackle in our campaign and in conjunction with Patriot groups and the Republican Party across the state. One of those things is we have 72 counties, but we have 72 Republican Party branches across Wisconsin. Do you know, Dan and I know you know, But you know friends of the show that every single election clerks are required to take lifts from both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party to pull off in order to employ poll workers for the day..

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