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Will look to traders coming out eat looking at adam cole oak hill and they're so oh uncle in the middle of nowhere eddy merckx football coach and school trained or click the golkar hurt you conclude that your entered oakland get you if you're ensure i understand i understand that idea just first second here is to keep your keep him up for second just the idea that thing about this especially with where the dollar amounts all right now if you're someone that has the potential or is already making millions of dollars you could have large sums of money coming your way and the idea of rai to go off the field with a minor injury and prevent the major one that affects my earning potential or i could stay out here tough it out and affect my bottom line later on does that decision not become a little more difficult navigate then all all my mic planning to go to the feels like anytime you know they want to draw attention to the show and then they get those pity crowder's like oh you know oh my god i hope he's okay and then let's go you think broke up until next back and i remember deuce mcallister towards aco and he walked off but field wall we also just had a guy not two weekends ago i think it was for the bears play 55 snapped will the torn pack and we were just talking about jj watt playing with his bone coming through his hand and a lot of different things so there are still plenty of those out there i get the guys are a little more where other injuries data's right now maybe but if we're going to reflect that maybe the nfl viewership model are how that might affect ratings i think that's really going to not be something that reflects all that much in this whole process eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six we'll keep asking you are you watching more or less nfl and why and if you are still watching i'm very interested in how your consuming it because that starting to become the increasingly more important than more interesting part of this conversation is raf if more people are either watching or want to watch in a certain way and we're either not catering to that or we don't know how to cater to a measure that yet that becomes a.

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