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I've been doing this. This summer was just you know working out Strengthen in my Upper body lower body mega center Nominee is as good as it can be for during the break and going into the season. So that's really what i've been doing. So it's like. I told you guys earlier. My mba life is very Not too exciting so as much as kind as much as it pains me to say this. You also have a pretty good fantasy team. I do have a pretty good fantasy team. I've actually been been killing my fantasy leagues. Actually let me go see. Actually got a couple of people playing today that actually. I don't think i don't think gonna affect me too much. But i'm in. I think i'm in either first second in almost all my leagues. That's actually wild elma. I'm like seventy three early on the playoff. Push right now. It's going to be very close for me. And i play you. I play you then you don't. You don't need the win but i do know i don't. I'm i'm seventy three in the league that i am the ceo of Overly were a lot of my guys played at villanova. Worry on and i'm i'm seventy three. They were sleeping on me. They thought they thought shit was sweet. I started out a win to and then after that is a ww one loss ww. Actually on a one two three four five. Five game win streak. I just played the person who's number one in league matthew kennedy and looks like i'm going to beat him so i'm killing and my and my team is stacked i got well. I had joe burrow but obviously he got hurt so actually traded. I made a trade traded curtis samuels and durrell henderson junior. Tom brady so my. Have tom brady. Dalvin cook derrick. Henry davante adams terry mclaren raw rob gronkowski and then my flexi gonna be hines. Colts johnson taylor from the calls mike williams jesse jackson when he gives back For the chargers new orleans defense. And then i got the kicker from vegas so my team's kind nice i don't want to jinx it kind of nice in the other team league what am i. What am i in this league. Marley guy i am into but i caught a big eldest week. There's only thing. I hate about fantasy. Because i had a bunch of news from the from the buffalo bills. I like jeered. Allies by quarterback had their defense now had one other person ever ingram was one of my tight ends. He was on by so had a bunch of guys that were owned by and it was like all right. But i have a nice bench. But i don't wanna drop anybody and get a quarterback because my dues nice i could try to trade him for some some like i just took the i was just like you know what i'm gonna take the l. I'm still going to be in like first or second. And i'm gonna keep all my players so it's a nice life. I wish i could wish i could say the same. I'm out here fighting tooth and nail. Going to get every dollar i can. Two of these leagues gives them some money..

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