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Seila is with the little village solidarity network, even those that are held in the slightly nicer places, those lately nicer places the history of investigations of abuse and so forth. So how much nicer they are. I don't believe them. They say they're nicer for Seila says the church isn't doing enough and says the archdiocese should use its money and influence to get the policy changed. WBZ Emma's reached out to Maryville in the archdiocese for comment a serious crash on the Edens expressway today near Northbrook, Illinois, state, police, say five vehicles were involved in at least five people were taken in critical condition to area hospitals. The crash happened on I ninety four eastbound at mile marker twenty six point five south fixed in Rhode it happened shortly after two pm initial reports say the driver of. A semi truck failed to stop striking four passenger vehicles that were stopped in traffic, a mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl this morning with assistance from Chicago police officers the car she was in pulled up to the third district. Police station at seventy forty south cottage grove at about seven AM man said his daughter was giving birth. One of these Chicago police officers who helped deliver the baby calls the situation surreal. It was more so instinctive for me to react, especially seeing that. I just recently became a new mom myself. So at practically new what's expected at that time, the mother and baby girl were taken to Comber children's hospital. You can sign up for regular news updates and breaking news alerts at WBZ, NewsRadio dot com. Just click on the sign up link in the upper left corner of any page. WBZ news time eleven oh. Traffic and weather together on the eight good evening meal. Furio yuping. Miriam high all will look on the expressways a couple delays. Nothing major. We had some pretty heavy delays earlier this. Evening. A lot of people with the holiday, but the Edens has cleared up. It's only nineteen minutes in either direction between lake cook. In the Kennedy junction, the Kennedy coming in at twenty from O'Hare ten off the Edens. Same travel time up on the express lanes are up on eight minutes. I would ninety the extension is moving. Well, the Eisenhower heavy approaching the Jayme bird interchange. Thirty-one in for three ninety at eighteen in for Mannheim up on his delay free. As it takes you sixteen to Mannheim and twenty nine minutes to route three ninety. The Stevenson looks good at thirty minutes either way between the veterans tollway lakeshore drive. No, I fifty five delays to the suburbs. The inbound side of the Ryan slow past eighteen to the burn interchange in eighteen minutes from ninety fifth fifty seven the Ford. Look good fills lakeshore drive the tollways refine. That's the tri-state Jane Addams, the Reagan the veterans route fifty three is clear so is route three ninety eighty movie well through Joliet. Eighty ninety four look straight as you make your way through northwest, Indiana. The Indiana toll road westbound roadwork delays from Indianapolis boulevard over to the West Point toll. It's always great to hear from you with a tip. Call the WBZ Art Van traffic tip line. Eight five five seven eighty road. Eight five five seven eighty seven six to three. Also, you can follow us on Twitter at WBZ seven eighty traffic and find us on the radio dot com app. Get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven hundred and one five point one FM. Thank you on their forecast for tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable,.

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