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Joins. That's her reaction when I say something and the crowd didn't say anything. I'm sure they told the crowd leg don't react. But like if I'm study, I'm going to think, okay, no crowd reaction. We're Julie. Chen laugh that I've literally never heard her doing my life. Clearly something is wrong here. Are you employment? You do prices right and roles, and he just throws names out there. Rian AJC. What do you think. Casey, casey. Scurrying toward the crowd and like just looked at their facial expressions because you know, even if they can't react, they can't control their face. If they're really disappointed in what I say or really estatic, I mean intrude Scotty, fashion of plan. Does it make sense? Does it make sense and see? Does it make sense? I mean how he was in the jury house with Bailey and rockstar for a week rockstar, the person Tyler is palpable team Bailey. The we. We have to get rid of Tyler Tyler. Tyler Tyler is running everything. Mike, how could he be thinking like I need to get back with Tyler when I get back in the house? Well, I think that to your Star Wars comparison, maybe he figures he's going to be Vader. He's going to let palpitation constructive into a new person. He'll lose Haley, which will make him scream. No, at the top of his lungs. And then eventually he's going to pick Tyler up Brome over that railing down, not on the Mets because they haven't taken legal action on that and get rid of him look. Okay to Scotties credit. We did say on the roundtable this week, like we were comparing in the past when the jurors come back, how do they fair and what is the best strategy coming in? And we, unfortunately, all said that it seemed like the jersey fared the best teamed up with the most powerful person in the house. Even though you want the jury to come back in you like ongoing against you and single out a person. But we even said that Scott, he's best chance now houses to help Tyler. However, Kirsten mcginnis even tweeted about this that his plan is the team up would Tyler and target Tyler's showman's Ryan. We're just like the exact bad opposite. Thing that he should be trying to do because they're on two completely opposing sides. And most of you make an excellent point. That would be a great decision to work with Tyler, and but Tyler isn't hearing what what's happening if she's not asking him necessarily like in the short term, if you if you worked with Tyler and then worked to undermine Tyler, that would be that would be a great plan. But it seems like that he wants to get back in two thousand who knows like Haley may pull him aside and within fifteen seconds. Like we're not doing that stop. That's dumb plan. I think he will listen to Haley or whatever, but I just Mike just blows my mind how he could have been in natural Fethi effectively comes out and talks about what you know here. Here's the plan. They're all saying, get rid of Tyler, and he wants to go back in and work with Thailand. Maybe Scottie feels like he's cursed in. In a way. And so by sort of touching Tyler, you feels like maybe he feels like he's like a suicide bomber and that way they look. I'm probably going to get taken out if I don't win. H, let me bring down Tyler with the fetchy was trying to do with Angela. I'm trying to make sense of this. This seems like a ridiculous thing. Now, granted, he even admits here like, look, I'm putting all this stuff out now it's all basically going to change when I walked through the door and do my best. Mike boogie daddy's home broke my bag on the floor and yell to everybody. But I will say going in, if that really was the plan true fashion that actually would make a lot of sense of that was the play. Oh, we joked around about a breadth Brett's missed the this season. But I mean, Tyler is like the people say he was greasy. I think he's been covered in love potion number nine. At at that I mean of the other fifteen players in the season. You could re strongly argue that about ten of them have been madly in love with him where they all they want. All they want to do is come back to Tyler. I don't understand how he's like..

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