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I would say a sixth grader read a, script about, Mueller, and, Trump, and, do, talk, radio, Mueller Trump Trump Mueller Manafort, mom Euler, Republicans damage, crash Republicans, Trump your dirty news. Daily news no news bad news John. News by news I got, the blues from the news. I don't know about you but I'm. Sick of it And, let me, tell you, something I'm, taking a big chance. But not doing what the pack is. Doing as I have not, done for twenty five years Worked for me so far continue to work on it And the. Fact is ratings are good as a joke, about ratings there's a guy remember that series on Showtime, most of you don't watch there was a show called I'm dying up here while there was a character in it The big tall guy six foot eight nine light Brad Garret comedian. So years ago he wrote about a cancellation, of one of his TV shows called till death and, he said the other night we got zero point eight rating Wants your. Mom stops watching, you're an old point four the network said to him what do you suggest. I said if you give me, one moment I can take zero And, there was dead silence You know what I like about some of these ballsy, comedians is they had. Guts right to the end they stood. Up to the empty suits they just stood up and they're gonna. Roll over and beg them. They just didn't roll over they just stood up to them and they told the joke They weren't intimidated by the little Stalin that's So I'm. Not gonna do Manafort Mueller this that. Boring I'd rather talk about well the, marijuana products that you're using that that got your sick even though you. Were told totally not psychoactive the new cure for. Everything the. Nostrums, of, the eighteen ninety s. Are back that's right. Snake oil sales and, are everywhere CBD oil said to cure everything from? Falling arches Alto. Sus arthritis rheumatism you suffer from pain in. Your legs and your arms, and, your is is your vision blurry does your hair fall out you. Have ringing in your ears does your heart skip beats while we got. To cure for you it's called marijuana marijuana's not the one. That your son used that's, the one in no curious just a few drops under your, tongue and you'll never feel better you'll feel as good as you were. As a child step right up that's the world. We're living. In, now of, absolute abject stupidity We've gone? From one hundred. Points on the Richter scale of the dangers. Of marijuana the now it's, so, good you can use it for everything it'll cure illegal immigration it'll. Cure white privilege a few drops will cure whatever the problem may be. Politically ecologically ecologically mecca logically minded college might a college ornithology It's..

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