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It is KDKA radio all the cool kids went to the side here we are the main getting text from all over the I mention this town is so weird image in this town a few days ago hi we're listening in Scarborough Ontario I'd say it's a suburb of Toronto high I wondered aloud when the program started to how many people in western PA were listening and how many people in northeastern north central north the whatever I hire are listening because I know usually the Buckeye state does me right tonight I'm not even going to pretend yet two things going on tonight you guys football at Heinz field hosting North Carolina currently there up seventeen to ten and you have the Cleveland Browns hosting the first the first game when they came back when they went away your member the bride day went to Baltimore and mow down all that stuff when they got thirteen back whatever year that was ten or twelve years ago the Steelers were the team chosen to open the return of the Browns it was the Steelers and the Browns at the Cleveland stadium first time in however many years they didn't have a team I got sent over to cover cover the game and I've said this before and it's the god's honest truth I slag Ohio from time to time when I see you it's stories like that that law that might get past but Cleveland is spectacular it's absolutely expected back you learn the people not then I ate the two places in Ohio the dope don't make me want to punch myself in the face Cleveland in cincy and I worked in sensory that there's there's some good to I don't know if it's the proximity to water that makes it better dad maybe Ohio or Columbus loses but since he is a rock in town and Cleveland is a rock and how we get sent over to cover that game and Michael my producer just looked up dude thank you for looking up stop I should be able to memorize a ours should be able to remember I remember I was there and I remember our ride broke down and I remember there was a blues bar really close to the hotel and there was a big dot nineteen ninety nine that and forty three to nothing was that spino was a blow out but I remember talking to the people as we were there for a couple days before and M. free single person at the exact same attitude we don't care if our teams bad we don't we know your team is gonna beat our teams brain sand and we know and we don't care and welcome and do you need another drink that was the entire is like a three and a half day trip to the Cleveland before the game cover the game get back on again and every single person there it made me appreciate not having because it was very clear talking to these people this was this was their team and it went away and now it's back and they weren't happy because their team was really good and got to go to the AFC championship game they weren't happy because their team was kind of challenge for the division they didn't care they were just had well we have a T. and your team's better than our team in your team's gonna beat our brains and and we don't care and a hug see was wonderful and they were right that's exactly what happened it was a pummeling and they didn't care they didn't care I I still remember that trip I had to take a lot of trips to cover a lot of things over overall the years some of them I remember some of them I don't some of them I don't remember by accident some of them I don't remember because on purpose but I remember deck trip to Cleveland when the Browns came back it was a big deal it made me happy you saw people being appreciative just having something that not having something successful anybody that buys the Cleveland Browns quarterback Jersey will explain to you that during but that's going on and I understand that so tonight where the kids they didn't get invited to the cool party or making the most of it and its national pickle day I don't see how we can we can fail it's national pickle day the impeachment continues it will continue next week what was said not said what you heard that that's all well and good what has been demonstrated is there are people that we weren't going to testify but now are and I believe that was demonstrated by the first day watching the testimony and watching I don't know if that was how it played from one side or the other side but there is at least one person now that's part of the budget office there was not going to testify but now it is going to testify this is also the day and I wondered because I hadn't seen Rudy in awhile thank you know growing up don't we all have that friend that if you don't see him for two days the assumption is well he'll either show up eventually or he's dead in a ditch somewhere and neither one would really shock you I hadn't seen ready for a couple days Rudy's back in the news Rudy.

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