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Let's head back to New Orleans now where Jim making Eugene of caught up with the head coach guys Panthers close out the season on a high note with a win in New Orleans thirty three to fourteen head coach rod Rivera joining us now and the coach was we'll we'll try to cover as much as we can short period of time some new and some closing out of careers but to begin with rookie Kyle Allen undrafted rookie steps in as a starter. I didn't finish the. Game. Of course shoulder injury. A two hundred twenty eight yards accounts for three touchdowns and looked like he was pretty comfortable out there for the most part. He was very comfortable in this one things about collar really do appreciate that. He never let this moment. Get bigger than it would really really was. I thought he handled it extremely well. And I think he's the type of guy that you appreciate coach. I don't want you to tip your habits. You look at a number of guys who got an opportunity to go ahead and and play from what you see from your guys had opportunity going to play today. Did you like see I did I was really pleased with the number of those guys. I mean, you sit around you watch those young receivers go out and make things happen to do things that they're capable that was fun to watch. You know, you've got Cameron Artis Payne got an opportunity and he shine does that he's capable of. Ian Thomas continues to show. Then you look on the defensive side, and you see Marquis Haynes getting to run around and and do some things as well. That was fun. And you get to watch the line. Young linebackers JC has opportunity. Andrea had this chance. David mayo went around and and Mesa place. I mean, these are guys that we've got to know more and more about, and that's the important thing is it's those young guys got a chance to play, you know, or, Sean. Not thought was was was solid as was Cornell there. So a lot of those young guys produced and performed coaches Smick. How'd you handle Ryan Kalil post? Did you say anything to about kept short? I really did. Because I'll be honest. You know, it's one of those things that could really hit you could affect you. Because you know, he's he's he's he's the right type of people. Did you -ticipant who's gonna play the entire game going in coach? No, I didn't. I really didn't. But I don't think he wanted to come out. I think he wanted to save every moment. And that's that's kind of what we did. Okay, costa? We've got Alagoas down. Gilbert hit who was the backup quarterback. Who was that? Where are you going to put them out? We were thinking about direct snaps that. I'm not sure who is going to be there. Well, we may have done with just taking the direct snap way to taken the just keep the clock running. Absolutely. We'll nice way to finish things out in. What was a disappointing stretch their coach? But appreciate your time as always thanks so much. So panthers. Do win it here in New Orleans to close it out thirty three fourteen on the two thousand eighteen regular season as we send it back to Charlotte now for and Mike. All right. Thanks a lot. Jim. Appreciate it in. Panthers locker room show, which is brought to you by to Sheba business solutions of the Carolinas. When we come back, Mike, and I'll go through some of the stats from today's ballgame on the CPI security post game show. Hear that sound. That's the sound of shine. And it can only be hurting your neighborhood auto.

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