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And welcome back to the Bruins speed on CLS media. My name is Evan off-screen. Hope you guys are having a great week a great day. Obviously right now in Bruins land things are up and down as I said to Conor to be any of the subject things are kind of teetering around. They're good. Then they're bad then they're okay, then they're bad again and they're great. So we discussed that in this episode. We also the main topic of today's episode is you can read by the title is a story. I think it's going to become a lot bigger in the next couple of weeks as the trade deadline approaches, but is it time for the Bruins to trade Jake debrusk and Connor night discuss at length the pros the cons what you might get why you wouldn't why you would trade depressed? I think there's a lot it's more complex than he's just playing bad and off. Let's ship them off for a you know for from Stockholm straight-up. There's a lot more to it and we get into that pretty in-depth again. Good bad the ugly all that stuff then we moved. Some Brandon Carlo talk and obviously what he means to the Bruins you all know. We got into really what the ramifications of this injury could mean for him. And for the Bruins, where do they go from go from here on defense? So those are the main two topics in today's episode not the most positive not not maybe not the not the episode we did after Tahoe when everything was awesome things are a little different today, but they are very important story lines and you're going to see them play out. I think a lot more here within the next couple of weeks before we get in today's episode. BetOnline is the fastest and easiest way to bet on all your Sports Action football might be over at the NBA college basketball in the NHL is you will know are in full swing but I'm not even covers a war.

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