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We got some dodger news sort of coming up here in a second. But first Byron scotch hanging out. Now, I think you can appreciate this. Okay. The Rams fans have started an online petition to dismiss the referee for this. Sunday's game. Bill vich bitch. Okay. Because Bill his record is eight in games read. Oh my goodness. The LA Rams. So people are hot and they don't want him about now. Mike actually found another step. He is what five and three when he revs the saints games. Yes. So so, oh, hey double-whammy and actually a winning record for the under double-whammy. Yeah. Why met at the fans? Yeah. You know? What is as in? How great the fans are finding your as far as finding out little tidbits like that. Oh, yeah. And his I was talking to George earlier I used to love it in our whole team when we went to Boston to play the Celtics. Have we saw Hugh Evans. You Hollins is a referee was all right guys. We got a good chance to win this game. You know, and there's a certain referees. You feel real good about who didn't feel good about Jayco Donal. When we we saw Jacob Samo doll. Take a Brian got. I ain't gotta take a breath. We saw Jayco Donald on the road. We went down the only way we could use damn does. He didn't like us. You know, he didn't like him. And he. Hated Clyde Drexler even more than he hated us. So right when we saw him we would like man there's going to be a long day. Yeah. So I understand fans if you if this petition works you did your job. Well, I mean, listen you can talk to a San Antonio Spurs fan. They hate Joey crow on know, Bill joy as the game in two years is Joey cropper. And you know, what joy was a great ref. Right. He really was. He just was a little hot under the collar a little too old. He liked the theatrics of it. Well, yeah. You know, he should have been here in Hollywood. He was on. It should have been in theater. I mean when you throw Tim Duncan out of a game from the bitch is pretty ridiculous. It was pretty bad. Yeah. I mean, look there guys. It's funny. Right. So having now worked games for the last several years and being an MBA events like you run into these people. But man, let me tell you. There were times I would curse that Bennett Salvatore television. And I'd be like that mother. And how like me, and then I met him. And he was like the. But I still ain't forgetting that thing you did that one playoff game, I manage. Yeah. Hold grudges at times against referees. The guys now who is super he's not Joey Crawford esque, but he's close like he's the guy that I know players can't stand when he walks in the in the arena, Tony brothers. He's the guy that people are like, oh, man. This dude come on, man. And you know, what I never had a problem with Tony? Tony was always coup in me and him. Yeah. But yeah, he can he can have a little joy any. Yeah. Little joy, guys. Interesting part is vintage hasn't served as a ref in a conference championship since twenty team. Why now same thing why? Now, Dan, it's not that long ago. So he's been on very good behavior and did some real good refereeing throughout the last two years to get his self conference finals, obviously. Are you are somebody got fired or something coincident went on? I'm I'm a oh, eight Whittam. I don't I don't like that. Yeah. Here's some baseball news, so allegedly. According to our own BUSTER only and Bob Nightingale of USA today. Manny Machado was offered a seven year one hundred seventy five million dollar contract from the White Sox which his agent, Dan Lozano has vehemently denied that..

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