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So this uh this is assembly man a jim cooper he's from northern california and he has about thirty years of experience in law enforcement and he says you know what the judge ruled is what he and opponents of profit these seven have been talking and warning people about and he says that this initiative was flawed when it was presented to voters and this just reiterated their points of the types of people who can't be released early c on not that long ago who's with the la county deputy district attorneys association and she said and she's correct that during the campaign for prop 57 that her and other law enforcement groups came out and said if we pass this thing this is exactly what's going to happen and brown at all denied that and said no there that's not true this is a a trick that they're using to try to trick you into voting against it but that's not going to happen at an absolutely did happen so from the perspective of someone who voted against it either he knew he was lying to us back then or he stupid one of the two yes so the department of corrections and rehabilitation because of the language 1057 they had been following the do regulation to loot affects offenders from parole consideration but the judge ruled that that they couldn't do that because that regulation expanded the list of who is not eligible under the law so uh which is something obviously you can't do or change because the laws language a doesn't specified that so now the governor he believes that you know that the uh that the ruling is wrong of course he says that he is going to appeal it if the judge makes that rolling final but he says that he has full faith in his parole board to make the right decision and use their discretion to exclude they'll sex offenders even if that law uh that they must be considered his board votes to let the manson's out loud like vetoed it but he's leaving office okay but he did veto leslie end of of of not bruce davis bedtime tom heated veto bruce while veto they they did vote to let bruce out some times in that i think they voted against a other times we're talking about jerry jerry brown yeah yes so jerry overturned leslie he overturned bruce davis any overturned a tex watson so i'm i'm i'm.

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