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The second straight game in the fourth time this season espn analyst mark jackson it will shake his confidence to an ecstatic when you come into a game like this by young talent and your names not mention other than an open but in a close and that's when you want to be emphasize talent so that's the frustrating hot but it takes a coaching staff had also teammates to rally him they got a chance the process no quantum intended exit young players that they've put the man them to enjoy the other young gaza as you have this getting it done and kouzmin ingram and then he patient what the show it is some things that he does very well on the floor he impacts the game in a variety of ways defense rebounding offensive numbers have got to be better and he's got to be more aggressive at times and put him in position to be successful pick and roll puts to transition he's gotta get quality offense and then to jump over the fall in terms of plusminus lonzo ball minus eighteen lakers route scored by eighteen bottom on the spurs vulgar the timberwolves ninety eight eighty six minnesota's napa a twelve game losing streak against san antonio raptors topped the pelicans one 25 116 25 points for demar derozen 2002 for kyle lowry cavs topped the hornets won fifteen what oh seven the broad james thirty one points and eight assists thunder get past the bulls 92 seventy nine for their seasonhigh third straight win on the college for ucla short ahead with three of its player suspended indefinitely bruins do pull out a fivepoint overtime win over central arkansas number 9 north carolina meanwhile a ninety three eighty one victory over buck now roy williams would number four hundred at north carolina he becomes the first coach in nc aa history with four hundred win at two schools you'll berry eight points in his season debut we went one of eleven from the floor by twenty northwestern fouls it's a nice 88 lost to creighton creatine has won three of its laws for road games against ranked teams cranes bench outscoring northwestern thirty three.

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