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South Korea on the concept of the sunshine policy. So the sunshine policy is not one that I believe in. However, I'm not somebody who is separated from a brutal dictatorship. By, you know, a couple of miles of of land mines I have a lot of luxury being in the middle of Indiana. Knowing that I'm not near what could be a missile attack at any kind of any at any time or what happens on the day when he gets angry with South Korea. And he takes two hundred seventy thousand people that you know, he's gotten some gulag somewhere who are all mentally ill. And just unleashes them in Seoul, just unleashes them right through the border right through the gates. Tell me what you do. Then. Gotta think about this stuff. The sunshine policy refers to the the idea for our policy with North Korea involving. Wanting to have some shared interests not wanting to have the adversary relationship, not about the the Kim dynasty folding. But rather finding a way to work with it. Moon Jae-in quickly realised, oh, this isn't going to happen because Kim Jong UN he's a little crazier than his father, and there were missile tests. And then what we'd we'd never really got into what we did as a show. Here was that when when North Korea would engage in missile tests, South Korea, would engage them missile tests. Like, they're basically, they're they're daisy cutter technology that bunker BUSTER kind of technology things like that showing that they were ready. It was the summit conversation. Not even the summit summit conversation that led to the Olympics. Now, the Olympics was actually a bust. Understand that that South Koreans did not appreciate North Korea in the box. They did not appreciate the the the unified flag light like we fit like a made the American press tried to sell. It was not taken that. Well. But it was the start and it was necessary. And it was needed for them. But the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong UN allowed for the real maneuvers between Kim Jong UN and moon Jae-in, and they have already had a summit there. They may have had to buy now, and they're working on third that is that is causing affect and if people in a foreign policy way want to deny it, they are they are full of it. Any movement that we're seeing and I'm not saying it's going to be efficient. I'm not saying it's going to be satisfactory. And I'm not saying it's going to end up in a in a piece, but any movement you see between south Korea North Korea is because President Trump took the stance that he did made the moves that he did and went to Singapore. It can't be denied is North Korea threat. Absolutely. Do I believe they put an end to the nuclear programs. Absolutely. Not do I trust Kim Jong UN. No. And if there's a chance do you take him out of power, I still say, yes? I believe this only ends in a military maneuver. But they're going down the road. And you still have the chance and the opportunity, and you still have the option of a military maneuver. I hope they're successful. I really and truly do what more on this. I've got more on cavenaugh. We're going to spin the wheel of Kavanagh so much.

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