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Turn yellow Well five six different things It's fairly. Normal when we're extreme temperatures this is the heat is that extreme that I'm. Talking about. Their, temperature, sensitive another words If they have not been consistently fed if they haven't been. Consistently water And the only other thing that causes yellow and in order to amount a yellowing is there's a fungal disease Not a phone call I'm sorry it's a bacterial. Disease that we use Khan sand on but we only put the con- sand and water. Mix in the soil we don't get it on the lease because concert on lease will cause more yellow lease so just in the soil treatment Normally what I tell people is is what's the percentage of yellow leases at ten fifteen twenty percent less than twenty, percent of the leaser, yellow and it's all those little about forty then you probably have it has gone through what I would consider a roller coaster ride, of moisture too much. Than not, enough Neth nothing consistent about the water and unless there's, lot of black spots on those leaves if it's just yellow then you're. Not watering consistently enough and these temperatures will lead to that kind of yellowing if it's. Not a consistent amount of water Okay thanks a lot you bet now I've written about this before You. Found a way to riposte that I'm looking at this this it's a little bit on the dated side because it was done in. Spring now we'll just let it go. Let's just work with the consistency, element I've written several times about, premature dropping. A buds on high biscuits yellowing leaves I truly believe that if you're not consistent with, food and you're not consistent, with water when we get this hot You're going, to see. An inordinate amount of yellowing leaves on a high biscuits one other thing I didn't ask, Fred and I should've is Are the buds. Okay though is is still budding out at the top like you expect it. To here's Elizabeth in Sugarland good morning Elizabeth good morning, Mandy I have a question about? This product you talk about as the might not can you Inc was fertilizer. And apply to your loan or, should, it be done separately What is the best way and should you use own owner fine 'cause they have several categories of this particular mineral and the. Reason why I'm asking you this because I put my lawn dislike, us you know you. You. Suggest but the problem is, that, sometimes I get these little. Spots in the lawn don't seem, to respond very well. To the third Leuser and you, get these sort of vast. Spots and a bit, of yolo and so on so what I would tell you that those spots. Need soil activator not. As a, might. Okay now entering. Your first question yes you can combine it there you want the more granular. Version not the powdered version if you get the green, bag you're getting the right version Greenback, yes just just think. As a might in the green, bag that's the right one And you you can look up stuff on their website as a Mike dot com they'll show. You, that you can blend it with just about anything or. In the granular version Be able to put it out on its own No he's not gonna burn anything, the only thing that would burn anything is. I I don't see fertilizer burns, on grasses anymore if anybody uses a. Broadcast spreader the only burn fertilizer, ever happens anymore if somebody just does not, understand we don't use drop spreaders here in Houston Okay and also say forget to order I mean you. If, you put fertilizing in July. Which was when you suggested and of course we, didn't get so much rain right off the. Ideas you water it in with, an irrigation system right after application that's. Right but watch out but you, don't have empty spots on your education too Okay well, listen thank you and you can you can put this, with your. Other plants as well yes you can use. It. On grass you, can use it. On potted plants he's landscape beds just think about, all the minerals it's adding back to the soil are- mineralisation trace elements that we've lost because of. Too much irrigation in this heat trace minerals that we've lost. Due to. The twin freezes, trace elements we lost did all the reins of Harvey That's right Everything it's. Just. Awful, okay, well listen thank you. Very much Harvey was. A mooch Thank you very much we we should make a meme on Joey Harvey was, a mooch, when? It came to all the trace elements and minerals in. The soil what a what a mooch just, took it all without, giving. Anything back can. You. Believe, we're, coming up one week. The anniversary of Harvey I'll tell you the worst thing that, happened yesterday, anybody else lives up in the Cyprus Tom ball area I. Was kind kinda worried about my family they, were out and about I live in Tombaugh they, went to the Cyprus area and I just happened we. Heard thunder in the background so I looked up. I have a this my radar app, this like intense. Summer thunder boomer and it was it was. Pretty big at the time Manifested, itself what about six seven o'clock and I'm like guys you need to get home this there's an intense storm had. Norway be at home now, and you'll have to worry about it I mean and they they, listen to me they were on their, way home but it fizzled out almost like hit this wall right. Before it got to Tombaugh and you can watch that radar and it just started dissipating, disciplinarian went from a big red. Area and it down. The yellow and then green and blue and boom it. Would just disappeared all in less. Than in about an. Hour and I don't, normally see that happen where it's moving and started, in.

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