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House Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. Whether he accepts the conclusions and this hour NPR's, Nina totenberg brings us a profile of the man in charge there. Chief Justice John Roberts. It is Monday March twenty fifth actress, Sarah, Jessica Parker turns fifty four years old today. The news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington on trial Snyder. The White House says it's up to the Justice department to decide whether the special counsels Russia report should be released in full speaking on the today show this morning spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, said President Trump wants to report to come out. But that it's not up to him. Sanders says he's leaving that decision to attorney general William bar Barr. Says he's reviewing the special counsel report and will release more of it NPR's Carrie Johnson reports. So there's no set timetable attorney general says he's asking Robert Muller do identify grand jury information in the report, the attorney general says he also wants to scrub the document for materials that cover ongoing investigations. The Justice department says the mo- report is comprehensive, but it won't say how long the document is congressional Democrats want to see the full report. They're also demanding the evidence Muller has gathered in the nearly two year probe. Carrie Johnson NPR news, Washington. President Trump's allies on Capitol Hill say the initial findings of the Muller reports are a vindication for the White House. Democrats say they will pursue the full release of the report and all documents related to the investigation. Some Democrats in New Hampshire disappointed by the early. Details has New Hampshire public radio sandy row. Peak has more news of the attorney general summary of the Muller reports spread quickly through a twenty twenty presidential campaign. Stop at a bar in Newmarket New Hampshire. Mitch Warren is vice chair of the local Democratic Party ensure.

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