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On the lowest floor of a building about the brand new ultra defense well I am not a real fan of this course you know we've talked and we've seen so many tremendous clinical benefits in the use of the ultra Kirk Kirk human brand of either the regular or the pro string and and the the many benefits of Abu olive leaf extract that you know with these polyphenols you're addressing inflammation so you're looking at probably backtracked is there a favorite for blood pressure and heart health it's middle of favorite for up to expire during illnesses you know a lot of things that historically people have looked at for all of leaf extract a where where it may help with things like the common cold or influenza can deter you know a wide variety of issues because of this this very potent polishing off the dock I know that you may have to go and if you have to drop off that's okay but you listen to super health I'm Kyle drew the gangs here from alter botanic including Dr Brian Frank ultra defense is the product that's being launched today from ultra botanica and I will tell you very honestly when we begin talking about this a few weeks ago I could not hide my excitement about I feel like this is one of the most important products both from a clinical perspective but also as I look at the at the stores certain things are just out out out at the health food stores and this is something that is needed right now I have a list of people I Josh I've told you Adam I've told you I have a list of people who I am calling the moment this comes out and that means right now today this afternoon but Josh you remember when when we first talked about this I was driving back from Lawton Oklahoma you called me and you said here's what's up and I said I got to get on the phone and tell everybody I know because this is an important product well I've never seen you I mean whenever you get rich or something like that it really gets my attention and so I you know I hit you up about three or four times during the process Adam developing this product and in conjunction with talking to some key opinion leaders out there everybody agreeing that we needed to do this and so it's been a great affirmation and we've already got pre orders for the product it's going to make it available out there at some of the stores in Oklahoma City and very quickly it's spreading across the states that's outstanding Dr Adam I need to ask you so the new product it will be on shelves by the time the show airs this afternoon it should be available and will tell you where but how do people take this product in your opinion but both right now and then after this crisis passes to me this is still a product that everybody needs to be taking Doug Kaufman I would agree with you he has loved olive leaf extract for for thirty years at four for him it's anti fungal but anti microbial inflammatory support along with the old for Kerr how do people take this product well a bit indicates the directions are one capsule twice a day for for normal circumstances if you do get sick with covert nineteen you want to work directly with your with your doctor and and ask them what what they would recommend we've had doctors recommending out with this formulation of two two capsules three times a day would be a maximum dose but we with the label wall indicate two capsules twice a day but again I would I would be to reach out to doctor Brian playing or with your medical doctor let them know what the what they're getting what you're getting and and see what they recommend it's a good it's good to remind folks we don't give medical advice on this show nothing that we say should be considered medical advice and certainly I think that we're saying needs to be framed as a cure it is not it I promise you we are not playing around please work with your medical professional to navigate through these waters but what I did but Kerr what I would say if if I got sick of my family doctor I would be doing two capsules three times a day I am a person who thinks very deeply about these issues and I don't toy around with them I don't toy around with people's health just because of an ideology of natural health that I hold but when we first began talking about this Doug Kaufman is influenced me obviously a lot and olive leaf has been on my radar for an awfully long time here and I've talked about it for years on his show no the because but he's also talked about her human and I'll just remind people the problem with regular curcumin that you're seeing on health food store shelves is that curcumin doesn't absorb well into the body you got to do something to help it absorb well and the guys from ultra Britannica it didn't act and created the product all tricked her and it doesn't matter the details of how it works right now just know that now you get to Kerr human you can actually feel times like these what you're wanting to feel is the peace of mind knowing that you've got the anti inflammatory as well as the immune benefits and everything else and that's why ultra defense has been just a priority from a you know Adam you know I have been bugging you every week I'm like how could how close are we how close are we is it ready yet you know that we were going to announce this last week and it wasn't quite ready yeah I had to make it perfect yeah I had to make sure that every single thing the sourcing everything was safe it's not coming over from some weird place where they eat bats you've got to be safe with this stuff and I really appreciate what you've done now Josh where to get it that's the issue I know that there's a couple places that we know that we know that we know has it and then all of the other usual suspects will get it on the shelves soon but where do we know you can get it today going to be able to get it at flourish pharmacy on north Pennsylvania Avenue and then also at meridian Avenue nutrition and I would say I would go to your normal health food stores your dogs and your omega's out and Bethany Dave Mason's integrative pharmacy in Edmund and I would request you from them if you're in that area because they'll be quick to respond and have it on shelves yeah I I've really known that all of these health food stores have taken this very very seriously they've tried to keep things in stock I'll be honest with you there are certain products that they sell in the stores and it's no fault of theirs it's just how it works a lot of these products they're sourced from ingredients that come from China you know what's going on right now and so it's hard for them to keep stuff in stock I appreciate Adam what you guys have done in terms of sourcing the ingredients and so I know that dioxins will eventually have it I know Greenacres will eventually have it make a health will eventually have it I hope eight kids or what yes that it would you say it I always get it wrong Taylor's Haley's paler Taylor's Taylor's herbs it and these are the places but we know that flourish pharmacy today and meridian Avenue nutrition today has product on shelves and it'll spread like wildfire I I listen this sounds like I'm trying to sell product and and I really am because I want you to have this in your hand I would pick up a couple of bottles today to have on hand right now every time I go to a health food store I feel like I'm I'm I'm I'm Blunkett getting ready to go into my bunker with the kinds of things that I'm buying it how much I buy the ultra defense is the name of the product it's by and at brand you trust ultra bit tannic up made right here in Oklahoma City they have done it the right way it's a product that you take I you know I'm probably gonna take a couple of capsules at least twice a day for me and my family I'm going to do that for my family I'm going to get enough for my wife my son and myself Dr Brian Frank thank you for staying over Adam Payne.

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