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In the central the cubs cardinals and pirates all lost milwaukee's lead in the division is up to two and a half games basketball nba playoff action it's a new series in the west look into get it and looking to get it in the corner cut it off in time finally officially over as the rockets coming to oracle ridha here in oakland ninety five ninety two series is not up to two game find is tomorrow night in houston ktar h radio on the call coming up tonight game five in the east is boston hosts cleveland is out west the celtics and cavaliers not up that to to now that he knows where his office in the break room are bucks head coach mike burton holzer is busy assembly his assistant coach wishlist but in holzer towns wtmj he's open to discussing an opportunity with former bucks head coach joe twenty of opportunities and done a great job going back to the years in san antonio and dallas and everywhere he's bannon including you know the last forty or whatever games there wasn't milwaukee and i had a lot of spec for him laura and their family in the same breath oberholzer admits his loyalty does remain strong with the group of assistance he assembled in atlanta to football where packers rookies and veterans conclude block one of organiz team today in green bay davante adams is dealing with a couple of minor injuries and spending most of his time watching when the regular season does arrive who starts opposite adams's legitimate question some analysts thing veteran wide receiver dez bryant would be a logical fit for the packers but what does aaron rodgers thank young receiver so i'm assuming that's the way they're gonna keep going i don't know why you can't jordy and bringing does but he's down in player he's end up somewhere up here obviously welcome them with open arms and getting up to speed is possible the.

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