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In the nfl and quit in the new orleans saints seventh win in a row in this one lazizi forty seven detained in buffalo the saint set a clever per with six rushing touchdowns three by marking uh thirty one yards on the ground minnesota has now won five straight also first place in the nfc thirty eight the third neigbor td passes the four different receivers three of those came in the second quarter another one early in the third eight hundred yards of offense in this game the dealer named in a row they were down two touchdowns in indianapolis came back then lobs berger a couple of td passes chris boswell appeal go on the last way that gave the steelers leader today they avoided the upset they beat the colts twenty two seventeen over time in jacksonville this game had a wild finish with both committee mps that her causes in the end jacksonville going for the game winning norman will hold it lambeau has not missed as a jaguar brad gets it down this is very well it rarely got oval put in a good way always good from thirty yards away net feeding the los angeles jargon break franjieh the called jaguars radio 22 seventeen was the final the jaguars had lost their six overtime games instead they win their third game in a row and they stay tied for first with tennessee that tightens also pull in a game out at the end mario looking looking for ooh you may get cash break three touchdown hebert of our crew and that whiten take the lead quick thirty six ticks turn your own titans radio twenty four to twenty was the final dimension murray into the end zone threetimes capital russia's from marriott at those the titans in jaguars still tied for first afc sat green bay finally winning first time since the eidhr injuries trail they wanted to cargo third 23 to sixty they meet in the bear is now fourteen of the last sixteen times tampa bay plane without jamus winston and the suspended mike evans beat.

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