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Whoa cnn biden's briefing the briefing is curated collection of featured articles essays and toast that i think are worth listening to here's today still rules no for six minutes rancho to hamas gunman tried to shoot his way into an elementary school by alex chablon for the traceorg for six minutes on tuesday morning at rancher to hama elementary school can to hama county california everything went as teachers had rehearsed a man had crashed a stolen car through the schools front gate he was talking the grounds armed with a semiautomatic rifle and wearing a tactical vest full of spare magazines he had already shot his wife and two neighbors dead he had also wounded woman and her son as he fired randomly from the car on the way to the school the man tried to get inside the school to kill kids and anyone else in side but he couldn't because teachers and staff immediately implemented well rehearsed lockdown procedures forwarded as he tried to open school doors the man paste around outside looking for an unsecured entrance he shot at walls and classroom windows for six minutes firing between twenty and thirty rounds he managed to hit a sixyearold child who is in stable condition other children were injured by shattered glass he took aim at one parent as she dropped off her child late but missed noone died at the school without access to a vulnerable target the man later identified as forty four year old kevin neil left the school in the stolen car he went on to shoot three more strangers one fatally he stole another car before police managed to drive him off the road and kill him ending a 45minute rampage assistant sheriff phil johnston told the local press that the shooting quote could have been so much worse if it wasn't for the quick thinking of staff at our elementary school he could make access to any of the rooms there were locked this saved countless lives he added.

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