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Welcome back to the zone. Jamie Morris, Matt Leach on the other side of the glass, and you know, what I didn't say it enough. So I must say it again. In in Sam Webb reported in a report by Sam Webb pep. Hamilton is leaving for opportunities. Elsewhere. That would put been mcdaniels as the quarterback coach Josh Gaddis who was hired as the offense coordinator will take over coaching the wide receivers. And I think everybody else is still in place. After that. I mean. Yeah. Ed Warrener's offensive line. Coach Ron Moore has the tight end. Jim Harbaugh is the head coach. So just in case on the offensive side. I'm talking about Daniel quarterback coach, I did say that Ben McDaniel. I did say that again. Positive. Okay. Anyway, seven three four nine hundred eighteen fifty seven three four nine eight ten fifty. You got to come with some thunder today. Brought Brock and west Bloomfield. Jay, most I like a battle over there. Well. Champ shit. I'll be less than the bat. Batman like a man. I'm talking a man of the people he he just talking about. Okay. Everybody wanted to get rid of pep now Pap is gone. Write it down. Well, that's what everyone said. The problem was with the offense. Couldn't we didn't have that explosive passing game. We got rid of the passing game coordinator, we got a guy from Alabama pencil in. Let's go. Oh, man. That's funny. No. You know what? I mean. Good luck to pet whatever he do moving forward. I mean, it just looked like to me that coach Harbaugh this cycle and the evenings from last year at this year. Just looking for coaches that's looking to be dedicated to college football as far as he wanted some hungry coaches. That's looking to move up. The average age. I think is what thirty six I have some more breaking news. I have some more breaking news. And this is 'cause I'm on Twitter. I'm sorry, Brock. I will come back to you. You might wanna hear this Angelique seen Gallus says Chris Evans is not a member of the football team is time per Dave abl off associate AD for football communications privacy laws prohibit us from commenting any further that's from the athletic department and the football office. Oh, wow. That's that was just that was news just wanted to put that out there to brought swayed so says currently part of the team he is not a member of the football team at this time. Wow. I heard some rumors about this last week. But because I been confronted with a couple of the people, I know I'll just throw out stuff that I hear on a herself to no serious. I mean, your your stuff. But I actually heard some last week to that extent, but nothing came out in the subsequent days. So I figure maybe it was just you know, that kinda that like how member that issue with the Korean Walker stuff. Yep. So but sorry to hear that just hope everything is okay with that young man as as do we as do we right? But I just think he was trying to go younger and hungrier J. No. I think so too. I think you want to go get guys that are go getters guys that want to go out. And I mean, top football college football. I mean. Yeah. The pro the mean bringing pro pro coaches down they have to make an adjustment to their lives their lifestyle. No, right. And I think these guys are just hungry enough that I mean, they all seem like young enough that they want to be head coaches and things like that not think he he saw that that might be on the way to go. I mean when you got good coaches. I mean, you look at Alabama. Yeah. They lose a lot of coaches every year, but they got to the point that they probably still had a number one recruiting class the ball without India. Coaches right now. So me no program is selling they sell and congratulations to coach Wheatley, the only thing Jay mortgage mortgage. They was where my son was to go. Yeah. I I that's why I wanted you to call in Europe and this eight third coaching three years. So I hope that you know, they stick it. You know, they're going to give them a chance to do. You have to do if that's we're gonna take over. Because like I say he beat a third one in three years. Really? Yup. Yeah. So. Never know what's going on. But I know at the time they were ready to do some some upgrades to the facilities and things like that. And they were talking around twenty twenty so baby, you know, coach we lease of connections. He can get in there. They give them up years the build up the program 'cause that BNB area is crawling will ballplayers. So I think he can make an impact out there. So I wish him luck. And onto tonight. Jay, mold. I gotta be honest with you. I think I think is going to be I think I think Michigan explode on them the night. I think it might get ugly. Brock. I hope so. You explode. I think I think that coach be line. I think you know, had conversations because to meet the problem really has if in defense, and I know I'm not wanting to make the early in that game against Iowa J Molsem taxed up on all, and I do know how Michigan was making a run in the second half. And I, you know, Pat remembers his play eaten is broke free. Four wide open layup and got kind show up and missed the layup. And they didn't call the file. When you're talking about. No, go ahead. Brooke? They did that. I do the game was over. I turned the game off at that. The okay. It's one them day. Really? Yeah. Because you'll get kind of tail like, all right? Not only as we playing against Iowa who hitting some we used to call them in a who it is air ball luck shot. Oh, yeah. They were hitting some day. We hit some shots hitting them airborne look shots. Whereas like, whatever they was throwing up was going in. And then when the wrestling even giving you a obvious call, you could just pack it up at night. Jay. If it was a tournament out of him more heated, and I thought that Michigan play good enough to win and things like that. But would you make that they weren't playing that good? I was hitting airball luck shop and the rest was given. I would at home cooking. You know, what that looks like to me that look like a Saturday night a kid. Really? You look like a Saturday night and Kennex stadium. Jay, you're right. You're right. So, but I I think they're gonna explode tonight. I'm looking for George pool to have a big game tonight. I'm looking for house back. I'm picking Michigan. I think they're gonna win by between Lebanon and fifteen Nigeria. Wow. Okay. Well, I liked that Brock. I liked that. I liked that pig. I mean, you feel confident. Yup. I think it's gonna go that way. So between eleven and fifteen and we had some good conversation tomorrow. We are calling the plan that post-game skit where you're talking to your buddy, Nick Baumgartner. So I think tomorrow's going. I mean, I think tonight they gonna bounce back. Jay. Oh. Well, I you feel good. I I'm I'm a ride Joe Kotel today. Okay. Because I didn't get I don't know if I call it in last Friday, I didn't feel competent about Friday. But I feel confident for some reason that Michigan state was going to do and I wanted to call in and say something, and I I don't think either I didn't call. But I was confident Michigan state was going to lose. I don't know why I would just fill it in my boss. I said a bet that Jay. Oh, yeah. I bet that Gladys Knight in linen. Oh, how did you hear about the guy? Jayme. Oh that you bet. Two hundred fifty dollars and what he bet. Would only score. One hundred thousand four hundred to one one hundred K. Wow. Scored three points who saw that coming. I congratulations. But really? That will you talking about the luckiest bet you could make who probably would just going down the list of prophet. Probably he probably met more than that. But he figured just take a shot in the dark. I got my last two hundred and fifty bucks. Why not throw it on that one? And left with one hundred. That's crazy, man. It's crazy. I know what's going to happen next year for the Super Bowl Bogo. Try to find the craziest bet I am. Hey, go happy. But I'm just gonna put this two hundred dollars on the line. Maccabi like, hey, I'm hosting day. Jamie. Oh, that's funny. But yeah. So that was crazy when I saw that. But. I'm looking for the boy to do some some big and bounce back tonight. And like I say good luck to coach Mitchell. To see what what this team will look like next year. So I guess everybody. Would they only score ten point? Don't be coming after coach Gaddis, right. Yes. He had he who sits in. The throne gets arrows gets arrow shot at him. The one J mullet. We run the ball twenty five times. Eighteen they gonna say what coach Harbaugh not really letting them. Call the play. Exactly, they say he calling the plays here who we play at middle, Tennessee State or something like that. As well. As I do he taken advantage of Josh Gad is he's he's letting Josh gattis. He's he's he's he's covered up for Josh Gad's. He's gotta let them let them run the offense. Yep. And they probably want to twenty five times about four hundred yards. Jay, but we still need to pass it. What are you doing so speed and space baby speed space? So I'll let you Jay mode. You'll have a good one dope. Blue what kind of what kind of brought good talking to you, man. Thanks a lot pre shake the phone. Call. Man. Everybody's going crazy right now. Yeah. There's a lot of breaking news here. Just within these past few hours, Jamie. We. Coach coach Hamilton. And it was announced he's leaving the program. And again, I wanna make sure we get the the the tweet rate, the the whatever it was correct. That not saying that he is permanently gone from the team saying at this current time. He's not a member of the team. Yeah. We're talking about running back. Chris Evans who most people expect to be the starter coming back for next year. But as of this moment, he is not currently a member of the team. Meme is not a member of the team at this time. That's what it says not a member at this time. So he could be gone for good. He could be kicked off the team at this. Current time was oh it's been tweeted by Angelique gals, Nick Baumgartner, and you know, true entrusted Sam Webb. Oh, and is AO. We don't get the whole truth from Isaiah on Friday. You get the whole truth. But so yeah. So, but I just want to make sure we got that that phrase incorrectly. Because I know speaking to a few former players again, it's a different world with the social media. But I mean, how many times did you get kicked off the team? Honestly, eight times at least a few times. I got kicked out there. I know that Johnny clean my locker out four times. You're you're not the only one that that's happened to I know that does happen to a number of players. So I'm, you know, unfortunately, we've gotta wait. We gotta wait to hear a little bit more about it. No you do. And I mean, I that's nothing to laugh at we were talking about. I'm not laughing about Chris Evans. I'm laughing at myself boasts throwing me off to football team. Some of them were serious. 'cause I I was I was a mess up. Some of them were a joke because he just wanted to throw me off the team. I mean, he did it. He's thrown a lotta guys off the tee. He's cleaned up. Big John folk clean down a lot of guys lockers. So I mean it happens. Does this? Does this give you a big cause for concern? I mean, he's the guy that one guy thanks to be the running back. Well, he's you're one guy that has the majority of the carries that is still here. He's the one guy that you could put out in a slot that you knew he could he could catch the ball. He was somebody you could trust to run the ball. I mean, he could be it was a and b remember we listen to Jay Harbaugh talk to Sam Webb. And you know, they asked him at the beginning season last year, who's your started? We have who's one in two. He goes, it's a and b one a one b so I mean, that's a guy that you're going to have to replace. So I mean that is going to have to be. So you lose a lot of experience. But hey. To the guys that are still here to the guys that are currently on the deem. This is an opportunity. Hey, get in the weight room. Put them weights up get bigger stronger. Get better get ready for spring ball. And put on a display. That's what you you can't worry about the guy that was in front of you. You worry about the guy that's in the mirror, and you get it done. That's what I was told. That's what you're always told. Well, you're you're always told that you're going to have an opportunity 'cause you're only one play away. Exactly. And now again for those guys that were behind him..

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