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To Noah. Say that very same thing. It's time Noah come on back in high school, but come on this. Trim a little bit off. And maybe you win like fifteen those cute for the first season or two. But really it's enough. I mean, I I'm at the point where I watched Syndergaard. And it's like I feel annoyed. It's like how does that hair? Not annoy you affect your pitching somewhat. I mean, come on. You're sounding like everybody's father. Now get a haircut. See that. And then he puts it in a bun, and that's like, you know. No. Cut that old man bun. No, I knew a guy boxing that he all thin and on top. But he had a little bit here. This what is pulled it all meant to opponent. Oh, no, not worth the trouble. Oh was that movie with host Steve Steve Martin? And he had a he had a ponytail in the looked so stupid. He went home like a clip on thing. I can't think what the movie was man. But no gets now. Now, you sign him which is status quo. You gotta add some pieces now new way signing him is. I mean, it's not exactly adding a piece. But I mean, you're ensuring that that peace will stay with me. So that would be a good first step of Li they can get it done the price tag will be high as it should be. And what now is now what you're gonna say. Gee, I think we over valuated says that that ship has sailed none. You just you know, just give him it will how many thorough check and get this done before, you know, the the holiday Christmas that would be good. And I I would. I'd be surprised if it didn't. Yes. Yes. You knew you're going to bring him back. You just you know, how much do we think we should offer? Because if he wins the young awards and you'd be prepared. But then come on now. I was I was lucky to see a number of degrom starts this year. Just you know, you never know who's going to be pitching on a given day. I'm gonna remember, you know, they they have the K corner. It's not like the old k corner where the fans actually the case. Yeah. Electronic now. No, it's definitely not the same. But it was it was always cool with because she'd be in the fifth inning sixth-inning, maybe and you'd look over. And and there were like there was not enough room for the case on their screen there because it'd be double digits already a lot of the time. I'm going to remember that. Yeah. Glad I was able to view some of those games live. How many times who you see the most? You know, I think it probably was. Just worked out that way, for whatever reason. But I got a little sprinkling of everybody. Now, I still know my my last game at chase stadium. Steve trachsel. Oh boy. I never forget got the ball. And he stepped off erupt the ball. He went and got the stuff this guy yelled out a young. Cliche when you left the house. That'd be had a five o'clock shadow. If I was one of the last minute, they've been my brother and his sons, we all went and picked it. I don't know. We'll get there. Oh, man. We're going to be your all dogs. Let's not eat our whole meal now write it out. Money's gonna last one hotdog now fifth. I it'd be three hours from now. Then we'll get the second dog, man. He was like. I want to be able to cut caddo Prakan. I give you another hundred dollars. Hurry up. Hurry up. But now Doron nice nice performance. And hopefully, the Mets will build on this and add some nice pieces. Lot of nice pieces may men. What can I say? So and we're not gonna we're not going to rip the gentleman you today. He's got time to get all this done. We got. Oh, yeah. That'd be wanted to thanksgiving is still giving out. What MVP is today? Right. That's it. Who's comeback player? He was there. One day. I don't know if they did that did see. Basically baseball network on. They said the baseball writers of America having their award show. I think later this week. So I guess it's just so maybe Mets. Hold up and see if he wins another. You're right. That's revealed. We love you time. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six toll free line. Listen to us anytime, also anywhere. Download the radio dot com app today. Let's go to Robin Brooke than they rob. Hey, tony. All right, man. How are you? Okay. So I was reading earlier online dead on Lebanon's bell locker was ransacked by teammates locus. They took everything. Wouldn't they put in a box in the Senate? I mean, I know you re as I read more an article seemed as a lot of bad blood between him and teammate because a lot of teammates had out told him. He wasn't returning to Texas and stuff. So I guess there's a lot of bad blood in the Rapson bird Quebec combined. He's like, no, we're brotherhood here. He didn't say it. But it was kind of like, you know, he let us down like know they look kind of like a combat situation. And they were all these soldiers there, you know. So I think the team just really no let down by reached out to a lot of people most people even coach. We'll just situation where they just soak set wouldn't conceptually usually just put stuff in a couple of boxes. No pitcher Cizek pick it up because it seems like as this was dragging on. They lose their respect from like, you know, it's like you said you're not communicating with us. Like he wants to be. And you know, what I hats off to him. I mean, look how many guys in Jim Brown left at twenty nine ago. Become a movie star. Okay. Let me I'm Brown belt do any movies. He's he left fourteen million dollars on the table. Just disappointing real quick. Earlier that originally off no five years seventy million thirty three guaranteed, which is running back in time. Say turns down extension donate. They tagging fourteen point five. So he's is frame remind you, of course, you played the season. You don't get hurt you to pick up the typical numbers. So you come back next year, which I hit you tag next year. So next year that's another fifteen sixteen because it goes up. So within a two years, you may close to thirty free guarantee, you only twenty eight that means just still you'll have to get it would be contract. I wanna stand just left a lot of money unless like you say might be ready to retire. But I don't know. I think you know, he didn't look I'm going to get hurt. I want to get hurt and have a big contract. I'm not gonna play for you know, this pittance of what team million dollars. I don't know how much more always going to get over that. But I think he's a he's a good fit for the jets, and you know. And. Well, I'm gonna. What are you going to be willing to spend money? I mean, they're going to have a lot of money money back. But you know, it is they need weapons. And he's the first I mean, who is he's better than everybody. They got in the backfield. They gotta add some receiver because if they get a a top notch receiver be either, you know, the naked top in college. He's going to be better than any wide receivers. They have all all the wide receivers are like, you know. Pieces. This. Isn't that great? They don't have speed possession type of c- was I can't stretch the deal fails. So does that. You know, he comes system is he going to be the same Belle de play Pittsburgh, and becomes assistant where our teams stack the line against take him away. That's true. Well, you know what? That's that's running back. Let's put it this way. They can stop with the jets have right now. And they don't have as much talent. So that's the saints. I just think he made a big huge financial mistake bend. I don't telling. But that's just no was thinking when I read the article. But thanks McCall. Tony always great talking to you. All right, man. I think he protected himself. I don't wanna get hurt. You know, let me let's let's say the Free French French ties tag. You. You get hurt. You're not getting anything next year. You'll get one of those make good contract with a lot of incentives and all that kind of stuff. Okay. But I. He put his money where his mouth is gone. And you're not gonna you know. And even if you know, what are you going to figure out a way to bring them back? What they don't. They don't want him in the locker rooms I saw a quote on TV Rosberg and said, look, he's not here. We don't wanna talk about. He's not gonna be with us. It's one thing when you get hurt. Anybody says, you know, my prayers are with you. And and you know, we wish you the best and we'll pay you visit hospital. Hope you come by you still part of the team. Outta sight outta mind. Connor was worried at first because Connor was in the in the. Concussion protocol, but he's been cleared and he started practicing. So he'll be fine. I mean, he's doing well with it really didn't need bell. But bell what he made them better because he knew the system and everything, but a he's it'd be a good dishes, the jets eight seven seven thirty seven sixty six sixty six we got some more baseball. We come back after this. 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