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We were together that that summer and we were like come on. This is stupid well gymnastics. This is dumb. Cut to twenty minutes later were in were invested. We're setting alarms and we're like we can't leave. We don't know because again this is pre previously. You can't program anything. We would set the vcr just record for six hours. We don't know what we're gonna miss right. We have a schedule. We didn't have the internet so it was like we don't what's come up. You're not having that technology back then. I am mad at you about the internet taking as long as it did. That is what i'm angry about. It was tough but fair. We should have sped it up and down on this. I know you guys are in a time travel. And i'm just saying go back further. That's all you know. It was weird because being from canada. There's always some winter olympics you guys dominant but like finding your person who might have a chance. I remember ben. Johnson was a guy and then he got busted for doping but like was that i always feel slightly guilty that the us has like fifty thousand medals. Olympic program doesn't have the same funding. And that's kind of like the whole thing. Which is the candidates thing. in general. We put our money into schools in. But yeah you do you do feel. I very prideful if canadians in the top six. yeah finisher place. You're like oh he's there because you know what they overcame so funny but it's so true. It's like if you were canadian. Who who is in an olympic program. The winter olympics does obviously have more money but in summer olympics. If you're a canadian that managed to get there all that right away. Yeah just be in there. You're like you've done it. Mash national hero. Honestly because it's yeah there's no we don't put any money at all for swimmers. You know no no no good luck. I'm trying to remember if there's ever been like fame. There have been a couple of famous canadian. Olympians right other than outside of like hockey and stuff and i think johnson johnson is definitely up there. Yeah the doping. Yeah that was. That was a blight. It's yeah the winter we really just dominate. In the winter king a team sport it is just winter wintering. There is a team sport even the ski so that they're acting team. They i think they view it that way thank you. Canada has the only athlete in history to win multiple medals at both the summer and winter olympics. That's right okay. Who's that. Claire clara hughes. That's right. I shouldn't hundreds because the name clara his name. I do like the name. Clara clara pardo. Do i like that. No i would not have been consideration. Are you thinking of adopting or mirror. Marrying someone clara. Some eighty year old widower were gentlemen. We know it's all in a spectrum. It's fluid to me thank you. You're welcome. Thank you for saving that piece of humor cycling speed skating regular eric. Heiden over here. that's it and what was her era. Is she still active ninety. Six two thousand two thousand to two thousand six two thousand ten two thousand twenty. Well hang on ninety six. Laura was all in. It seems like as soon as he said it. I felt shame if she likes claire. Claire hewson swimsuit. Yeah no she is a female that one. Yeah thank you. Lord percy you just read about or heard about no i i i m embarrassed. I should've known her because she is one of our. We don't have a lot of them. There was a a pairs skating team. That was big. What were they had a few. But the most recent one. Oh oh this is bad any canadians. right now. are screaming at me. what was you'll say it and i'll be like of course but yes. They were a huge like people wanted them to be a couple a huge thing and they weren't a couple and you know that was a yeah people really got invested in them and their story something about in general figure skating people that just draws in a maybe a personality type. There'd be way do invested in the lives of the people which is kinda funny because it's export that no one cares about except during the two weeks of the winter olympics. Tessa virtue and scott. More than buddy. I wouldn't support. You gotta get that different charger. You can't get the tax break for supporting right to root for.

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