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They build confidence. Girls pay attention to them. Girls, flirt with them. Girls, datum teachers talked to him. Boys think they're cool. Jimmy garoppolo's been cool since he was seven, and he's got all sorts of confidence. And this is how alpha males think this is how they think. You know what would scare me if Jimmy Garoppolo didn't have any confidence. Then I'd be worried because he's now going to lead the Niners in San Francisco, the home of tack with a Golden State Warriors and the very successful. Generally San Francisco Giants at is a big city with a bunch of smart people in a big media and their outspoken and Jimmy Garoppolo super-confident, and had answers to good questions trying to provoke a really good answer, and they got it. It's a slow time of the year. Let's not over state over exaggerate what he said it was healthy. It was honest. It was smart, and I'm totally okay with it. Let me shift gears to this. So. Something's been happening with the Lakers and people don't know exactly how to. Digested Lakers get Rondo Lakers get land Stevenson. Lakers get Michael Beasley. Lakers get javale McGee. These are quirky is these are quirky guys. What are they doing? I'm going to explain to you what's been happening in the city. I live in for the last couple of years. Case in Whitlam yesterday on speak for yourself, said I don't. I don't even understand what they're doing here. It is the biggest misfit in the NBA just joined the Lakers. I don't get it the most combustible team in the league. Just got more combustible. They've signed every misfit was available. This is this is major league the movie. Let's see if it works out. Okay. Two years ago, we didn't have an anthem controversy in the NFL. The NFL had its highest rated year ever and the Rams announced they were coming to Los Angeles and going to build a world greatest stadium. And what happened after that the Lakers higher Magic Johnson, the clippers higher Jerry West. The angels get into a bidding war with Otani. They land him UCLA hires chip Kelly, the LA galaxy go get a superstar internationally in soccer, the dodgers even though they got a Cory Seager coming back next year, awful World Series appearance lead their division just gave up five prospects for Manny. Machado, Manny, Machado who plays short. They've already got a shortstop off a World Series in first place. Gonna win another division title. The give up five prospects for Manny Machado. What is happening. What is happening is when the Rams came to town two years ago, everybody in Los Angeles that competes for the sports eyeballs in the sports dollars freaked out, and they went and hired Jerry West and Magic Johnson. And by by the way, this has happened chip Kelly. UCLA's never paid money for football coach chip Kelly, and the galaxy get a star and the dodgers down. Manny Machado, you're in first place, offer World.

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