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W g N I'm Lisa did infer Anna Thank you so much for listening this afternoon. Have you bought fireworks? It's hard to believe that they're illegal in the state of Illinois because there is a nonstop line of cars heading over the border into Indiana to stock up for this weekend like they probably the professionals probably went last weekend because they've been going off in my neighborhood for a while. Bill Weaver is on the phone with me. Bill is the vice president and general counsel at B. J. Allen Company. How are you today, Bill. I'm great. Lisa, How are you? Good. So you are the second largest importer and wholesaler of consumer fireworks in the USA. Is that correct? Wow. I didn't realize that we're actually the largest retailer. Oh, so we have a chain of about 81 or 82 stores now. In 15 or 16 states. And so were the largest retailer. But there are there's another company that imports more than we do, but your phantom fireworks. That's what you're known as, right. Yes, yes. And you use an old corporate name. We haven't used B J. Allen in a long time. We changed our it up since No, it didn't take a genius to figure out that since everybody knew is that phantom the sign said, Phantom. Nobody ever heard of B. J. Allen. So we changed our name Interfere. Smart, smart move. So you are, I would imagine you're in Indiana and you're in Wisconsin. You're bordering us on both sides. Correct. Yes. Yeah. John Williams today was talking about how he thinks fireworks should be legal in the state of Illinois simply because they're blowing them off. And police. Don't do anything about it. I mean, maybe if you're in a small suburb they might drive by, say, hey, stop it if a neighbor complained, but for the most part people in this state purchase a lot of your fireworks, Don't we? You do? Yeah, you absolutely do. And it's not. It's not uncommon. That happens in many states. How many states the Florida Fourth of July? The authorities tend to turn a blind eye towards enforcement except New York, the opus when the Ark Police are pretty tough. Is since this is your business. Are you ever you know, supporting people that are trying to get fireworks legal in Illinois? Or do people just not care because there is no enforcement of the law. We will work with anybody in any other states and in this country, there are 49 states. Plus the District of Columbia plus Puerto Rico that allow some level of fireworks. Uh, Illinois, you are permitted to use some ground based items. Right. I think I bought. I bought sparklers like the Myers store the other day, and that's that's it or smoke bombs. That type of thing. And you also have a company that makes sparklers. So how many sparklers do you anticipate selling Because those are pretty much legal everywhere. How many do you expect to sell this year? I couldn't even begin to guess We actually, uh, haven't produced sparklers in about I don't know about eight or 10 years. Um, the we found that competitors were selling sparklers. They imploded from China cheaper and we can sell the sparklers we made. And your based in the USA, But your fireworks do come from China. Correct. Don't most. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, and what happened during the pandemic? What happened? Did you say I understand that you sold more last year than in years? Previous is that true because people weren't able to go to fireworks displays that are put on by cities or towns or villages. It was sort of a confluence of several different events that happened at the same time, and the result was the The fireworks are flying off the shelves. The industry not just phantom, that the entire consumer fireworks industry, the retailers had the biggest year they've ever had in the history of selling fireworks in this country. Wow. There was a whole lot of public displays that were canceled. I had friends in the public display business who told me their business was down. 70 80 90%. Because of the the crowds. And what have you and the social distancing? It just didn't work. Uh, you didn't have concerts going on. You didn't have baseball. You didn't have city festivals. There was no action. There was no place for people to go. And it just happened that the country sort of started opening up. In June. Late May and early June, and right around the corner was the fourth of July. So all those things Came together and we couldn't keep the fireworks on the shows. And this year, there's a supply shortage is that correct? There is it's primarily related to the supply chain. There are fireworks in China to be had That there are problems on the China side with the lack of containers. There's problems with getting space on the container ships. And then once you get to the United States, um I hate to say this, we said, but it's just it. I suppose it probably started with The covert and people not working. But the darks. We've had ships waiting offshore. Week, 10 days, sometimes to get a berth in a port once they got into the ports. There was a shortage of dockworkers had to get the products offloaded from the ships and we have had products offloaded from the ships. Sitting on the ground in the docks, dark areas where we can't get Rail and we can't get trucks to take them to the warehouses. There's a shortage of truck drivers and believe it or not, as we're talking, we have some containers. In both Los Angeles and Long Beach poets. We use mostly the West Coast points. It had been there for a long time. We have some containers in long beach. Believe it or not. Did it on the ground, waiting for transportation out of the ports by rail or truck since April, 14th. Oh my gosh, Bill Weimer is on the phone with me he is with with phantom fireworks. We're going to talk about some of the biggest sellers. And if all of this that he's talking about means fewer deals because there's lower inventory does that lead to higher prices will find out that next coming up on 7 20 w G. N Wt.

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