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On Jason and Alexis clothes shopping all my first time I bought some of the biggest Panisse I've ever bought in my life and you know I yeah we know I like the greedy P. any variety I got though they call them the rollover underwear so I could roll them down I'm sorry the what it goes all the way up almost your armpit it is it is very nice I need a sale for a boat basically we just need to collect I got yeah I mean you can get a three pack and have a whole campground set up the whole thing ready bringing you everything entertainment Jason and Alexis in the morning with producer don on my top one oh seven one hi this is Ellen from Max is a locally owned fine jewelry boutique now I love to eat fresh roasted corn and see cute baby animals as much as any Minnesota but I'm really shocked to know that it's that time of year already how is that possible well that's a question I know I'll never be able to answer but the question I can't answer is what's happening at Max's we continue to receive new merchandise from some of the artists that you've come to love putting for a sudden on a rally and Pat plan now we talked a few seconds but this happens when hand forged steel bracelet accented with gold dust and sometimes diamonds these are amazing and Pat is known throughout the country and beyond for these bracelets they make a spectacular statements are comfortable to wear to work just as well for a formal occasion thank you for every day we also have some beautiful gift items and of course there's always the chocolate chocolate in a.

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