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Merrill strip when a lot and it's not good tv people winning if not good to that yes on the other you know you give it to the show here is good speeches i was about to say that the president doesn't love merrill straight so that will be you know ice i think it's it's an yes i think it it doesn't make a lot of sense to talk about other people in this category beset well wait a minute i'm i was i keep waiting free to say violent davis and josh not in in this category exactly she's an supporting right because weird i think she could easily be in late and would belong there i would probably be my pick issue where there although i also think with magnus wonderful anything thompson yeah i think i'm a stone's going to win this i think convert natalie portland in jackie i think was kind of an early front runner i'm not sure how much love there is for that movie i'm kind of with lind on that to me that was a little bit of a of our performance in search of a movie to put it then i didn't even necessarily attach very strongly to that performance i i know i like this movie quite a bit less than glenn with whom i making contact i do think st this quite good in florence foster jenkins i i think that movie that's a small movie she's she's terrific i'm telling you right i haven't even seen a but i haven't on that against merrill st winning for florence foster jenkins accept that it's not good television i do like the fact that rusin a good is nominated here that is a very subtle performance of the kind that that doesn't always get a worth consideration right the film el is catcher look fifth yeah that it's a calder hogan film he's prone to too emotional extremes he's prone to extremes and while this film has some extreme elements and because the so has such extreme elements in it but sort of weirdly to scott used extreme elements you get the sense of the film doesn't and i know what it's about what it's doing it is a it's about a woman who gets brutally such resulted and then spends the rest the film.

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