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Again. They just like what? What worked before? Okay, let's just do that again. But yes. Oh, so LeBron I'm pretty sure he put out his Instagram, like a picture of it was like a locker room and it had like bugs his jersey hanging up and then like one essay LeBron and then they had one for Ryan Kugler Ryan Kugler for those who don't know he directed the first creed and the Black Panther movie. Now he is not directing this, so don't get you Dicks har- because he is not directing to Challah will not show up in space that would be. Get this man, a bowl. That's not gonna happen, but Ryan Kugler is producing this, so he will be attached to it. You know, some way in some form or another, but it one of the things that I want to know because we have no information about this besides that they're making it right. I wanna know. Two things one three. Okay. One are we doing tutti animation because sorta guy, if y'all bring out a CG bugs money and it's fun. I am not going to be happy about this shit at all to who is going to be the new Bill Mary issue, or we just gonna bring Bill Murray back again, just bring Bill Mary back, lease ring, bring him. He can even say something like, hey, like, no, I had my shot right. I am Bill Murray. I did this twenty two years. So it's not. I'm not doing it again. So weird. 'cause watching that movie, he just comes out of fucking nowhere and it's like, did John know him personally? Or he just showed up on set one day and there's no, can we write him in the movies, Bill Murray? He probably well, I don't know him personally, but knowing of his personality, he wandered. He put a jersey, oh, him and giving us a lies. For the past twenty five years. He just radically shows up at occasion like you've seen the pictures of the shown up at weady as. Every time I see. Just drunk in just wandering into people's like weddings easily. Hey, Bill Murray hours. The newspaper, actually, really. It's what I heard that is like he, he, you know, when people do the wedding announcements when so, and so's get married and he picks and chooses. Like. Fucking bored at home. He's need something to do. He's not gonna. Bring me back for goes buses reunion, but we're not gonna go there. Well, no, because that movie turned out bay and he attained his head the four that they had and they should have done just to. Reboot 'cause you Rivas will Bill Murray. I got you. It's just want to be the same without hell grants. That is true. That is true. That is true, but yeah, so that that's too I better be tutti I wanna see. No CG bugs to who is going to be to Bill Murray issue or are we just bring him back in three, they cannot change. The soundtrack Space Jam has to be the theme to this movie that has to be in just like I said with the lion cancer life has to be in it. It's show jam due to Space, Jam has to be in the motherfucking move. They went out and I agree with that, but it's not gonna happen. No, you know what? They're gonna. Do they gonna have somebody remake this Justin be out in like whoever else is hot right now, I don't know migos or some bullshit. They won't get some mumble rapper and whatever popular fucking teeny bop singer and they're gonna redo space Cardi b. and Drake. Oh, fuck and played at. Starts playing. I'm fucking break this. Please don't say that I need to edit this whole part out because sorta someone's going to hear that shit. And that's going to be exactly what it Cardi b. in like, no, because, okay, who would be the girl part, the issue chance you? Yoda? Who would be Cardi b. doesn't sing all like that. She more ramps, who would Debbie? It'd be like lady Gaga. Uzi Vert or some both. But that is another mobile rapper. No, I got you right here day they are going to do. They're going to have Duleep a chick. Yep. They're going to get her and fucking MGK just popular, and that's going to be new Space. Jam thing. God..

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