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That because the public public likes the over. The money loves the under. Like from our in penn state alabama florida as well because again freshman quarterback in a in a spot that he's never experienced before plus elite defense on alabama bad quarterback for florida. I love the under love. The under history with i can put up at least twenty one. You think that alabama can't cover the rest of that. I mean thirty-five twenty-one doesn't cover it. That's so i just I think the base question here for this game is who plays the most a quarterback for florida. I think emory jones well. Because i think he's gonna mullen likes seniority like experience. And even even though emma jones doesn't have a whole lot of experience experience he's at least got a lot of experience in the system. I think he's writing with that guy now. We'll see anthony richardson. And if he pops off like he's been popping off maybe he stays in but if he doesn't. I think you're gonna see a lot of emery emery jones. Yep now. Auburn is just the big mystery because auburn fans no is not a mystery. I'm not even gonna try to play political science here. Why the fuck is auburn. Ranked number twenty two. Why is auburn ranks wanting to because they started to against alabama state in akron. Because bonex is off to a great start. The offense has great stats. Defense grace yeah. You played alabama state and akron. There's nothing about. This team is the twenty second best team in the country. They're about to go on the road to a team. That's already gone on the road. Wisconsin and won a huge game. They're going to go into wideout. Bonuses road splits are terrible. He's a bad road quarterback. Brian hartson's i huge atmosphere at auburn. I don't see any reason. Penn state doesn't win this game three touchdowns. Katie was nine with that. Take no my place. I tweeted out just like look early. Lines i was really confused. I thought this would have been closer to seventeen. Fourteen point for penn state whether you believe it or not. I had auburn fans. Dmz the scores. And like i settled make desert. They could earn their spot right now. They haven't done anything approve it but we know that penn state has and like again. Graham merz is clearly not what we thought. He was for like a second last year. But i mean wisconsin we There was a top fifteen matchup. Auburn's played anybody. And i understand completely this why we make fun of rankings. This is why. I had the the texas fans who were like. We lost two ranked arkansas team. Well yeah no shit rank now because you were overweight overrated ua ranked then they beat you so now they're ranked so what does auburn have to prove. How are they twenty. They haven't beat anybody that was ranked. I don't understand it. I just you know if all goes on the road and stays within three points this team or beats this team obviously. I'm wrong about them. But i just nothing. I've seen how the album program recently tells me. They're going to go on the road. At penn state penn state might not be good penn state a fraud to they might be a sham. But i just. I just like auburn to be overwhelmed by this whiteout and atmosphere what about sean clifford versus the auburn defense. Because we know that auburn always gets dudes and i know. It's brian hudson's first year and a blah blah blah. Whatever but you the sec caliber defense versus a quarterback who did struggle against wisconsin better defense. An auburn and wisconsin was on the road. So i'm thinking clever. It's good enough at home. That is not going to matter i. He's got japan datsun. One of the best receivers in the country. He'll be fine. Count like the under hair to these. These defenses slugging it out honestly at this point with any big ten team. I just my brain is just like you got him. You have to know how state no i know. But that's my. That's where i'm struggling with a brandon. It's like a. There's like a a chemistry in my brain that's just not working on cautious mystic or cautiously bullish on offer for what. They're just an unknown like street. I i'm guessing that they're not gonna be good. They're you're guessing they are going to be good. It's completely unknown. I agree with the unknown. Yeah i wanna see this game. I'm not and when i say cautiously. I really i i mean but as we should on bonex and whatnot i mean. This is what his third year as a starting quarterback. He's betting rockets environments. This one will be rockets. I think penn state's good too. But i think auburn deserves the number twenty two ranking and i think they're probably a top twenty team this year. I could be completely wrong now so it will be the first be the first real test of them. This season w. what the prime time white out game and happy valley is pretty exciting. Why deserve the twenty two ranking. When they were unranked to start the year they beat two teams that we're going to beat. Always what what. What earns them that. I think i would have kentucky. And that's about auburn in that spot. I guess it's just because other teams have lost so they're like well point differential. what is arizona state on their nineteen arizona. State was like they were. I think they were like twenty five or twenty four when it started so there isn't really jumped out. Auburn was was out. And then we put in for beating alabama state in akron. Yeah well there is teams that have fallen out right and they were probably in receiving votes. So they're probably twenty seven twenty eight and i mean again. We're talking about product people falling out. I think and it doesn't matter because we're going to see if they're a good team this weekend. Cincinnati minus three and a half at indiana. If indiana has anything about you this is what are you made of game. This is a. Are you what you thought you were. Are you what i thought. You are. Thought you were a fraud. I thought you were fake. I thought you were phony. I thought you a product of schedule last year. That didn't really challenge you. And now you face a legitimate top team and cincinnati has got their own things to prove they got their own things to prove. They gotta go on the road. In the regular season power. Five opponent may have a chance to indiana and get a good win for the program. This is a fascinating game because three and a half tells me the book wants me to bet on cincinnati. It tells me the wants me to put my money on cincinnati because they like indiana. It's interesting because indiana played. They got killed in iowa killed but their defense was pretty good their defense to two hundred yards. They had to pick sixes..

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