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Eightynine performance by the late doc watson the pioneering bluegrass and folk atara assed and singer who changed the way people around the world think about mountain music watson was widely regarded as the single greatest flat picking qatar player in america he was born in deep gap north carolina and went blind after an eye infection around his first birthday he was only eleven when his father made him his first banjo put it in his hands and said i want you to learn to play this thing real well we'll get you better one he said my hippie get through the world also ken tucker reviews some newly released music that he likes to listen to the volume up on this fourth of july we're going to hear some great american music we're going deep in our archive for the show to feature doc watson who was one of america's most revered folk musicians in his prime he was considered the finest flat picker in the us folklorist ralph rensselaer who discovered him said watson is single handedly responsible for the extraordinary increase in acoustic flat picking and finger picking retard performance his flat picking style has no precedent in earlier country music watson was born in north carolina's blue ridge mountains when he was about one year old an eye infection left him blind for about fifteen years he toured and performed with his son merle in nineteen eighty five merle was killed in a tractor accident watson organized an annual music festival in his honor and north carolina known as merle fest doc watson died in twenty twelve at the age of eighty nine regard to hear the interview i recorded with doc watson in nineteen eighty eight but will start with a couple of songs from the concert he recorded on our show in nineteen eighty nine he brought with him guitarist jack lawrence who was his longtime music partner i wanna welcome both of you to fresh air and doc watson can i ask you to introduce the first song virga terriers like we'll do one that merlin i muslim merlin i learned from john hurt good ole tuned gold make me down a pallet on your floor.

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