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So you can get your Pepsi Cola now and finally many moms v think, it's cute. The compare the size of a growing baby to inanimate objects at week five. For instance, your babies around the size of a p at week ten the babies the size of an heirloom tomato, but a new website called for somebody. How many big Macs is my baby is making. History. We could actually go to the website, and you can punch in how many a weeks old your baby is. And it'll tell you know, for instance, Chuck at thirty nine weeks, we we punched in his weight and thirty nine weeks came up. He was the the size of twenty five big Macs. Well, see because that's that's fake news because back in nineteen forty nine. There were no McDonald's plummeted using today's doesn't matter. I'll give you they'll give you the real news. It was about twenty seven GNA hotdogs. I would get upset that guys are back in style. Again, chuck. I wouldn't know because. I know what you gotta get back to back to it. Boy jolly he still likes to eat though. Still jolly Franken. You're we're like jelly now. Must be jelly jam. Don't shake. We'll see me off. Now, go to hack six fifty one. We've got to go to break. Have you know that any oxidants can play us role relieving pain inflammation that can be doing at any age, by the way, stop breach? For those end says and the over the counter stuff it could lead to stomach upset. They could also lead to kidney damage for if you abuse them over a long period of time but curcumin ultra develop by risky, natural supplements is the supplement of choice..

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