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One is right. That's a good one. It would be mass suicide exactly. I mean either way you go. It's like the more you information you give the more. They harden pardon this is both sides. Oh Yeah Yeah. It's it's group. Think in what they call the Echo Chamber that you're Believe in what you're saying. Whatever else was in that chamber Champion fan but saying closing your your your your ears. Let's just dangerous in. And that's fundamentally the danger of ideology because that's what it is ideologise colleges Hanging onto a belief without thinking and. Yeah on that note because we're heading that way I kinda wanted to close out and get your feelings leans on. There's a real. Shall we say new embrace of socialism in the United States or a desire for that. Have you noticed that not in thoughts. How can you not notice that it's frightening because This is based take on what this is based on on the non existence of a foundation history. Because isn't is the bottom line there it has never been a communist country ever in history because they they may have started out with the Communist ideology he but they all turned into dictatorships. Now let's go to the software side a socialism. Here's my my problem with that and trust me I. I don't believe you know. The capitalist United States is not GonNa Buzzer but socialism it if if you requires concentration of power near the top government so we are talking about collectivism and this is this. Is the problem in history. Collectivism eventually will turn into dictatorship because it needs to defend itself and and it's because he wants to make decisions on your on your behalf. Now there are some people won't like those decisions therefore it you start defending yourself and and you will be attacked. Look at what's happening in France until it Hong Kong. Oh yeah you know. More more more patriotic Americans Hong Kong possibly San Francisco. Don't quote me on that. You know what I'm saying. It's it's it's a shame but young people don't really know the the socialist less communist ideal is it's so wonderfully attractive. Why can't we all get along? I'm working with a fellow right now. Who is writing a book? And he's he's he's incredibly incredibly naive and I won't tell his name but he he's a wonderful guy incredibly naive and and and the fundamental idea that he's carrying with him. Is You know most everybody on the planet agrees to the road that the golden rule is a good idea. So why in the world have we not been able to achieve if peace and that is where we as human beings are just naive and we just want to believe that we can all get along long it in Kinda work this getting along needs to be managed and it needs to be managed in such a way that power is distributed. And this is where you know. Two thousand years ago the Romans figured this out pretty well and then founding fathers did that too and we're getting close to losing this and and I think that that would be the end of the United States as we know it like the Roman Empire Right. Well Yeah and we also oh see some signs of moral decay now. Not Everybody would agree with that statement but any anything and everything goes goes and there is no a the moral glue that holds society together. That's that's what I call moral decay. I'm not judging. That's not the point. If it's if it feels good good and I do it as long as I'm not hurting somebody else not hurting somebody else. How do you know that you're not influencing somebody to do stuff that it's really not good for them? We talking about legalization of drugs and all this stuff. This is all very complicated and you know we can only scratch the surface in a number. I'm not the scholar and But but I think the trend the trend is very dangerous and the trend in some respect is is led by people who are hungry for power. That doesn't mean that the other side is not hungry pile them in. That makes sense that I do think that the initial framers of the constitution and that they very much had in mind and they actually planned for and that was that everybody would want power and they wrote it in that manner what I feel they missed or did not foresee was what about those who want power but they don't want responsibility and with that we have a congress has abdicated half of the responsibility over to an executive branch. Well that is true We also have a political political class that the founders did not envision they send everybody home and now politician is this is a profession. That means you're you know gets it's human nature to be selfish in. I think selfishness. This is necessary for progress but it needs to be it needs to be in some way regulated so it is selfish for bureaucrat. To work really really hard to keep their job it selfish for a member of Congress to work really hard to keep the job well eventually the both the bureaucrats Andy politician Develop a distance from real life and they're not serving anymore. I thought that was pretty good. I think it's fantastic but sad. Actually sometimes I developed thoughts while I'm talking. You're brilliant guy. Hi On that happy note. I guess we've determined that the The stakes are dyer. Bad things are coming. Hopefully we can turn something around and people can find out more about you jack. Barsky DOT COM and my book deep undercover deep undercover. I do highly highly recommend that book. Thank you and Dan. Thank you for having an audio because I have difficulty finding time to consume books otherwise kind of the Bible. Yeah yeah I know and the by the way I I appreciate this interview. It was great challenged intellectually. I'm I'm just encouraging your listeners. To you know. Watch out for for me on link. Dan and facebook. Because I got some initiatives going that might people might find interesting. I don't WanNa get too much into detail. Okay I'll definitely definitely link both of those in the show notes and hey thank you so much.

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