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That are shutout about a last hour about some version and control of your mind and how it's gon there was a former cagey be agent name yori benjamin off who gave one of the greatest lessons and human history about how west the society will be supported and controlled in time and he wasn't talking about espionage he wasn't talking about spine because that was jump change compared to the some version and the agents so so version as those on him a sunday see in the other television shows and the new york times in the local loose papers what is some version one of a trying to do well let's listen the clip sixteen years a man who used to do this for a living and tell me what applies to a number sixteen couldn't all the glorious continuation of staples right so if you run successfully to women just think policy and you start fine and this is the most in your keep going to boom for the highest more flair is not too i at all oh not just for anything venue in the country to you know until such time but the perception of reality of and his screwed up a such an extended and boston up to be seen you as a man and that system it was it was nation i know i'm visions welcome to do it and he doesn't know if not desirable i'm afraid that the average college student could even understand what he just said i would bet you debt through the drugs and through the lack of educational lack of critical thinking they can even understand what he just said but listen to number seventeen and see if you can understand this one the first major so for sure is the process which is gold basically it was a shame says fourth southpaw divisions baseball so they picked in him after twenty years so did not allies hey society right by fifteen or twenty years this was the time so efficient to get your kate one generation just to put children one generation one life fives.

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