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So it's just not a good division of labour. We've gotta put our labour elsewhere. I think that I think that this is a permanent change. Will I know you said that you said that months ago, James, it's permanent, said a month ago and I'll say it again, you know right now. That member bird flu and stars their mothers still know. Yeah, there's still no vaccines for those. No, they're in there. So this one who knows if there's gonna be a vaccine for this ever we keep hoping out Hope we keep hoping there's going to be a vaccine, but it's going to be awhile. This this sucker's gonna be around and America is so afraid of this thing. I don't see our fears just going away in a month. I don't see the Americans going, okay? It's ridiculous. Get back. I don't see that. I see us staying in this hunker down thing. And and I'm personally Bilham. I'm done fighting that I really am. I've, uh sometimes you can't fight reality. This is the reality. This is where the majority of the country is. Until the leader. I've got lead. Riken take people by now. I got a text about you made these comments two and three months ago, and I recall what you said It changes everything religion. Present presentation will be different. I got a text from someone that says well of Brian Tone, believes in God, Why doesn't he put himself in the hands of God? And if there is a God, he'll make sure the crossroads has no infections. And Brian Tone doesn't believe. How would you respond to that? First I would respond your butt head. I wish I knew you so I could just look in the face and tell your bottle, but that's the first way I respond. Second way of respondents do wear seat belts. Do you? Do you take eight hours of sleep a night? Do you do you wear? Ah, helmet when you're on a motorcycle do do you take a vaccination for the flu? I know somebody. They've got normal flu and they lost the leg from the flu. Do you mean these basic safety measures You could take basic safety measures and not have an UN belief in God? And I don't want to put their man card out there and talk about courage and putting their faith in God. I put up with my men got out there any day. Are you kidding me? I always chuckle. Like what risks have you taken your life? Really? You're gonna tell me or somebody who's trying to lead an organization of actually has lives that were stewarding that we're somehow not doing it right. Don't need something some time and then see. See how your philosophy work out 101 100% because when you're the leader, it's easy to be a critic. Critics are wonderful. I got the dump button. If I say something wrong or God forbid you say something wrong. I can hit the dump button, however, in life when you don't have a dump button and yet don't have a redo, and you make one decision and lives are in your hands but yourself in that position and tell me you do something different than Brian Tone. That's what I want to tell him. Yeah, Right. Man. It's leading is different than philosophizing, and we've got a lot of people are philosophizing about things. But until until you have people on payroll until people are putting their life in your hands until your your decisions have massive consequences on families, it's ah It's a burden and it's a It's a Rubik's cube that you just can't understand. And I believe in God wholeheartedly. I put huge truck like I give a huge percentage of my money. Away. I support people personally who are in poverty Massive. I do that when I don't have much savings because I'm trusting in God. I have life insurance policies because people who ride motorcycles like I do or people who bungee jump like I have, where people have written cards have died. And so I have an insurance policy. That my parents, my family can be taken care of. That's not that's not not trusting God, that's being immature of dog who's trying to leave and take care of others. All right. So when you see crossroads, my used to turn back to normal, I would assume it sometime next a year from now, year and 1/2 from now, or does it ever get back to normal? Whatever the hell normal is? Well, I wanted to be back to normal. I want I want you back. It was ah! A year ago. I want to be able to get up on Sunday mornings and go on priest full room to get the energy of a room. I want to be ableto hug people that I see randomly on the street. The, um give me a hug and encouraged. I wanted to get back to normal. I do I we've announced a crossroads. We're not going to meet in a physical bailing through the end of 2020 The reason why we did that was just don't see this thing changing in the next few months, and we need to be putting our resource our energy someplace that could actually make a difference instead of just twiddling our thumbs away for things to go back to normal, so I think to the end of 2020 we've announced Bill. I think it's going to be longer than that. I hope it isn't. I'm ready to move on a dime. I really am. You just look at where America is America. They're freaked out. He was taking the anagram Bill. The anagram the anagram. It's like the hot. It's a hot personality tests around for No, It's huge..

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