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The cooking process now a lot of cold smokers don't have is a senior section and also your section can get over a thousand degrees for searing steaks are here fear not that's doubles yeah that's like only my infrared that I love on my barbecue correct it's just a part of that if not hotter it's crazy as well as the charcoal feature with a chuckle basket that you can insert and that's six one third of the grill and you're able to cook or will two three cook right over live coals yeah this is really technology at its best and a lot of years in the making I'd like to take a step back for a second how does a pellet grill work because if you are a grill master we know that the pellet grill has been gaining speed and growing in popularity over the past you know however many years right this is really what proves you as a master and there are lots of pellet grills I don't quite know I know what sets twin eagles apart but I'd like to understand how the pellet grill works from the inside out well helpful for workers you put politics in this thing called the hopper and our particular hoppers thirteen pounds and what happens these colors feed through an author and go on to a burned hot what's called notice this there's an electric igniter that then turns on and catches the wood pallets on fire as soon as the pellets catch on fire the nighter than shopbop in ASEAN kicks on stoking the fire so it's all controlled by a computer.

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