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Podcast against the rules. You should subscribe new episodes available weekly on itunes of Michael first of all thank you for being on with us. I have been a big fan of yours since the first book of yours. I picked up which was money ball, and sort of change the way that I looked at things you do a great deal of that was that your big break sort of teaching baseball about baseball. I would say my big break was my first book liar's poker? Which is about my time working on Wall Street. I think that sort of set up the career I think we're moneyball fits into my career. If gave me license after that to write about anything I wanted to because it was such a departure from things I had written about. And there was miles skepticism that I should be writing about sports. And when it worked until I screw up. Anyway, I'm allowed to kind of go do what I wanna do. Well, you spend twenty years. Correct me if I'm wrong, basically writing about this thread that fascinated you which is how we value things in one way or another right? Like, you're you seem to be you seem to gravitate at every turn whether it's the blindside anything else where can I see market inefficiencies? Where can I see things others don't? And then let me play with that. That's true. Their books of mine and magazine articles of mine that don't really fit into that story there a little book about my high school baseball coach I wrote a little book about fatherhood, the undoing project the book about the two is rally psychologists, I guess that does fit into it in a way because they are explaining why we miss value things. So. Yeah. One of my great interests that I think that it's an interesting sort of near the center of world because we live in a market driven world and how markets value things. Very interesting subject. So the blindside you are writing your again gravitating toward a market inefficiencies value. How we value? Things you didn't go in thinking to write the story of Michael oher? Right. It's the prize me how good a story. There wasn't a place. I wasn't looking for a book shown to who is the dad in the blindside. Tim McGraw played him in the movie, who's the white father who adopts the black child was my school classmate from age five to eighteen and I just happened. I hadn't seen him since high school. I happened to be Memphis, and I visited him, and it is living room is this, you know, three hundred pound six foot four inch fifteen year old literate black child, you just take it in. And I started I didn't think to write a book about my childhood friend. It was bizarre that it just kind of mushroomed..

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