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Bar with some shady looking characters in Vegas riding a bike from Dallas to Seattle on a bent scribbling the words dungeon on a napkin while two passengers next you on a plane wonder what the heck does that mean I'm kids Laney and what does this have to do with my success why do you care it's part of my journey that I want to share with you in my new book deal your own destiny locally now I can last and some would seem like other disasters at the time can any of you relate that's exactly what you'll discover by reading my book I picture you want to vote each for relaxing in the backyard laughing out loud into your ruptured spleen well hopefully not while pulling out some seriously rare and secret stuff doesn't matter what you do or where you are right now anyone in any walk of life can use what I learned in my years crisscrossing around the United States pursuing my dreams so what do you want to get a life happiness contentment why are you here pick up my book deal your own destiny at Amazon dot com three just keep well what right exactly no.

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