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We are back to fans. Get thank jerry cherry for the music. We really appreciate that that. We're able to us here on our podcast behind the curtain to make sure that you are checking out as many podcasts as you can we are bringing all kinds of you and when we're starting to implement some more as training camp gets going we're adding some some new podcast. They were outlined. That was last friday brian. Anthony davis was on with jeff hartmann on last. Friday's let's ride. They laid out. What's not going to be throwing so much more content. We're trying to bring something different with all of our shows. So that's that's the goal. And i it's funny because then it makes me sit back and think what what am i bringing. It's different with with my shows. Well you've got stabbed gigs. That kind of speaks for itself. We do a lot of numbers and we'll try to break things down there on for those of you. That have ever listened to me on on the scarborough. Show that i do with my brother. That's really a family show. It's about you know kind of being family how you would be with your family steeler fans things like that not that we talk about that but it's kind of the way that we run stuff and then i always have a blast on thursday nights doing a steelers preview with jeff hartmann. Brian anthony davis. That's just kind of like our flagship. Podcast of various things that we do. And of course during the season where we're previewing the upcoming najib so make sure you keep an eye out for these new podcast that we have coming out. I'm kind of excited to check them all out myself. So let's get back into our numbers we were looking at saks pressures hurries knockdowns blitz rate. All those things dealing with putting pressure on the quarterback by the defense we broke down the twenty twenty numbers the steelers. When it came to to blitzing they had the the third highest blitzing percentage. They're one of the one of three teams over forty percent. I did forget to say that. It didn't mean that they had they were that high with the actual blitzes that they did 'cause when it came to actual blitzes. They were seven because there were other teams. That were ahead of them But worked considered to have as many. Well they didn't see as many badging attempts. The steelers did some of these other teams like for example. The seattle seahawks. I'll just pull out a random one. They actually blitzed nine times more on the season. Nine times more on the season then the steelers did but they were a much lower percentage because they saw six hundred seventy four passing attempts where the steelers always saw five hundred twenty. Six passing attempts is. What is what we're looking at their. So that's kind of how those numbers go. But for the blitz percentage the steelers were third when it came to hurries and hurry percentage and steelers were second in the league when it came to quarterback knockdowns knocked down percentage. They were first in the nfl. They were first in sacks in the nfl and they were. I buy a ton when it came to pressure pressure rate. You know pressure percentage. So that's what they didn't twenty twenty. If you want to look back the twenty nineteen the steelers did not blitz nearly as much as they did in twenty twenty because in twenty twenty the steelers blitz two hundred and forty four times for a forty point. Three percentage in twenty nineteen they blitz two hundred eighteen times for a thirty six point. Nine percentage that percentage was significantly lower. That was seventh in the nfl seventh. Most and what's crazy is is the baltimore ravens they blitz three hundred twenty nine times in two thousand nineteen three three twenty nine. That's i mean that's more than they did in two thousand twenty or two ninety twenty twenty but that three twenty nine fifty four point nine percent blitz rate my goodness. That's an awful lot of blitzing and once again. It did not pay off hugely in the sack department. They were middle of the league when it came to sacks with thirty cents actually they were passed the league with thirty seven sacks so they're not as efficient with finishing off the quarterback as the steelers were but once again the steelers in two thousand hundred and twenty nineteen was much like twenty twenty. They lead the nfl in in pressures imprint. Pressure percentage not wasn't as much as twenty twenty They had one hundred eighty pressures for thirty point five percent and they were. The only team was over thirty percent but remember last year. They were thirty five percent. Thirty five point one so that was good in two thousand nine hundred and got even better in twenty twenty so they led the league in sacks the led the league and pressures when it came to hurries. They were they were top. They had seventy hurries. Which was very similar. You know a little bit less than that and twenty twenty. They had seventy seven. Hurries an ed. So in twenty twenty there were seventy seven hurries. Twelve point seven percent in twenty nineteen. They were seventy hurries. Eleven point eight percent so not not as much before but they were still getting the pressure and they were still getting the sax when you look at quarterback knockdowns. They were fourth in the nfl with fifty six and And a percentage of ten point nine percent which was actually second in the in the league by point one percent so there were still doing very well in the knockdown category in two thousand nineteen where they had fifty six..

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