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Recovering from Ida, which made landfall just two weeks ago. Live in the storm center bill Catchy Oh 95.5 WSB 12 year old dies during a car chase involving a state trooper in Paulding County. The trooper performed a pit maneuver on the car carrying the child after the driver fled a traffic stop county share. Of Sergeant Ashley Hansen tells WSB. No one knew there were Children in the car. When Charlie Moore took off. You have to think If he would've just complied with what the trigger requested. None of this would have happened more was believed to be under the influence. He's charged with murder in the boy's death. A new study says it's financially viable for Buckhead to leave Atlanta and form its own city. But the study does not take into account the financial hit to Atlanta, which opponents believe would be significant. Buckhead leaders hope to have a city hood plan on the ballot next November. Meanwhile, a new poll from the Atlanta Journal Constitution finds more than 40% of Atlanta. Voters are still undecided in the race for Mayor Qassim Read, who has A huge bump and name identification, having served two terms as mayor is leading the pole, but only with 24% WSB political analyst Bill Crane, says City Council President Felicia Moore's close second, he says crime will be the major driving factor in this election. Apple unveils a new software patch to protect against possible malware that can infect a device without the user even knowing it. The University of Toronto believes it's the first time that a so called zero click infection has been caught and analyzed. While Apple also plans it's a virtual event today to introduce new products, including four new iPhone iPhone 13 devices likely won't have any groundbreaking design changes, but they'll feature changes, including perennial updates like a faster processor, improved camera capabilities in a better battery life. Mike Bauer says it may also introduce new Airpods and a new Apple watch. Fire crews helped rescue for people and a dog. Stuck on a rock in the Chattahoochee River. They were called to the scene along Powers Ferry Road in Sandy Springs late Monday afternoon. Everyone got out of the water. Okay, after apparently getting stuck while rafting down, the hoochie child was among those taken safely to shore. Ws reduced time. 6 35 25 minutes until seven o'clock, It's time to update weather and trafficked. Atlanta's most accurate, dependable forecast comes from WSB meteorologist Christine Edwards and we enjoy a little bit more dry weather for today, climbing up to 86 this afternoon. A stray shower cannot be ruled out. But the better chance of rain arrives to Morrow, especially in the afternoon. Widespread cloud cover moving in through Wednesday. With a high of 81 chance of rain 40% mainly after 12 o'clock Thursday high 80 mostly cloudy, 40% chance of widespread showers and perhaps a few rumbles of thunder and will continue to see that rain all through the weekend. Unfortunately, that's why I say enjoy the dry weather today. Recapping that forecast for you. A hive 86 currently 67 degrees in Covington, 66 in Carrollton and 64 in Lawrenceville. It's 70 degrees on Peachtree Street and WSB meteorologist Christina Edwards. Let's update the morning drive.

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