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Hi. Never heard of him. Oh, yeah. You're. Course, I have even my kids. Okay. You know, what's cool about Elvis, Charlotte? Eagles Castelo now. Even even my eleven year old daughter knows a ton about Elvis, and I have no idea how she even learned it. But even my daughter. Yeah. Yes. The boy that is one legend that lives on. So like how crazy of an Elvis fan were you? Absolutely. The best ever. Did they have posters back, then or pictures out of magazines? Everyone was albums. I saw every one of his movies. You cried when he went away into the military. Yeah. Oh, well, that would be a bigger one. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody's heart. When he got married. Have you ever been to Graceland? Yes. I have. Okay. When you took the tour of Graceland. Did you find it really weird that nobody is allowed on that second floor? I know my Alvis was up there. That's what everybody I know people in my two-round, they make a big thing. Like, nobody is allowed up there. And they and they say there's still some family that lives up there. But they don't tell you who. And. Yeah. In charlotte. The speculation runs wild on those tours about harlot. Thanks for your call. Barbara in East Brunswick, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey, barbara. How are you? I'm great. Bringing back memories Bobby Rydell fan. But my question was Leslie Nielsen and leave the whole story behind that. Because we don't think we think of what kind of old anyway. Well, wait, you're talking about the actor from like the naked gun movies. That guy. Okay. Okay. Fifties. Nineteen fifties. Mickey Mouse club had a series of like Vini series. Historical fiction. And there was one called about swamp FOX about the famous revolutionary war. Hero francis. Marion and it was played. And this is probably around nineteen fifty eight fifty nine it was played by Leslie Nielsen hot young actor from Canada. So we used to play one talks and. I am. I am in Google images. Trying to find a photo of him from back then but. A serious actor. Yeah. I guess so okay. Here's an old one. Yeah. All right. I guess he was a good looking dude. Yeah. Barbara, thanks. Barbara mentioned where he's from. Being the phantom foreshadowing that I am that information may come in handy later in the show. That's all I'm going to say. Okay. I'm trying to I I already forget what she said where she. Doesn't help you at all. Maybe it will somebody else. All right. We are talking about your team crushes who was your team crush one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years. Fast. Traffic.

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