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In international news or history as Raul Castro resigns as the Communist Party chief, ending an error in Cuba Raul Castro announced Friday he is resigning his head of Cuba's Communist Party, ending more than six decades of his family's leadership. The 89 year old Castro announced his retirement in a speech at the opening of the eighth Congress of the ruling party. Old Castro succeeded. His older brother Fidel is president in 2008 and then his head of the party in 2011 Fidel Castro, who died in 2016 lead the revolution that drove out dictator full Hansel Batista in 1959. Raul Castro did not say who he will endorse, says first secretary of the Communist Party but previously indicated he favors 69 year old Miguel Diaz Canel who succeeded him as president in 2018, I, Mike Rossia. Check out more breaking news, read the best analysis Just log on to town hall dot com. United States is setting up a nearly $2 billion national network to identify and track worrisome coronavirus mutations. With more dangerous covert 19 variants growing, the Biden administration is taking steps to find the genetic sequence of the virus as it spreads. White House coronavirus advisor Andy Slavitt says the program will bolster the ability of the CDC. In state and local public health departments to monitor track in defeat emerging threats. The $1.7 billion for the network is part of the covert 19 relief package. Red Clugston, The White House. The subcontractor working on the new Air Force one aircraft for Boeing countersue, the Chicago based aircraft giant Friday over Boeing's allegations of miss deadlines for work on the presidential aircraft. The suit was filed in state District Court in Fort Worth. GDC Technics LLC's seeking more than 20. Million in damages. Maura Town hall dot com I'm Rhonda Rocks trip Oh,.

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