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I never intend to tell these stories. I really I never intend to tell the stories they just they just happen. And this one just happened before I do that. There's a norm McDonald bid on Germany those listening to during the break. There is one country. That worries me though, not Iraq Iran, North Korea. The only country that really worries me is the country of Germany. I don't know if you guys are history. Part of the previous century, Germany decided to go to war. And who do they go to war with the world? Never been tried before. So you figure well five seconds for the world to win. Is actually close. Thirty years pass and Germany decides again to go to war again. The world. Guy. Dignifying by saying his name. At that point. Listen, germany. Here's the deal country. No more. Attacking the world. Mcdonald got a bad a bad deal. And I think he's.

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