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A statement that a question and that is uh we are told over and over again that illegal aliens from mexico guatemala el salvador are afforded all the protection of the us constitution of the bill of rights even though they are not with told they are because they're in america wouldn't that also apply to russians in america in other words if a russians in america and what told a foreign nationals once they're in america i have all the rights of americans wouldn't they also first amendment rights to publish anything they want i'm just asking just a question all the illegals afforded protection as well as americans why not the russians so those are some of the ideas i mean i was going to talk today about the shooting the failure of the fbi i wasn't even in a door i was gonna make it a little different than that i was going to go back to something i started yesterday which was michel sabbah majed his high school rifle team and i was going to give you a portrait of america in the 1950s when the country was sane and i'm gonna show you would have boys in my high school had guns we were given guns to use during the school day at targetpractice in the basement of jamaica high school in queens new york but every borrow had a high school with a rifle team at a rifle range and no one ever shot themselves no one ever ran through the halls with the rifles and killed anybody what was different in the 1950s than today for one deranged comedians like jonas schimmel weren't on television somebody like that would have been in crete more mental hospital pretending to be a late night comedian the filth and the violence coming out of the mouths of hollywood was not permitted in america it was not allowed the the around the clock felt in violence coming out of the sickest minds of our generation just didn't happen it was a it was a limited to porno theaters the stuff that hollywood that producers in terms of sex violence at center was restricted to underground pornography theaters you're telling me this has no effect on the minds of our children now throw in what i've been talking about for at least trick twenty years now psychoactive drugs which the children are being given on a regular basis from morning until night they.

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