Israel, Hezbollah, Tehran discussed on The Mark Levin Show


To have peace with an entity that claims palestinian control over your holiest religious sites jerusalem and he how is that possible do you know there's a new hamas leader cameras later he's in his fifties and he's already declared war essentially on israel and said every inch of israel needs to be taken then there's hezbollah which is the terrorist arm of the salama nazi regime in tehran which is threatened to send nukes in our country and having done that barack obama said i have a great idea let me give one hundred fifty billion dollars and ten years they perfect their technology because after all i won't be president anymore the b chiselling my face and mount mount rushmore it's how hezbollah now has been given by the slama nazi regime in tehran the capacity to manufacture advanced missiles bigger missiles with more accuracy for the purpose of hitting every square inch of israel how does a tiny country like that why is it expected to somehow you know what i think we're going to make peace with these guys how is that possible it's not possible it's simply not to give up your holiest sites two arabs who self identify self label as palestinians and why we're at it while i'm on the subject this guy abbass is in his eighties now he's considered the moderate dungeon oakley wears a suit who was behind the munich massacre and help finance it he's really into a financing massacres and terrorists there are thousands of palestinians who've committed or threaten acts of terrorism against the people in israel not just jews christians and arabs many of whom are muslim and a boss continues to subsidize their families gives and pensions and he does it with some of the money that we give the palestinians and some of the money that the un gives the palestinians and we're talking about billions of dollars here folks at a boss apparently was very upset when jared kushner according to reports said you might wanna cut that out nice apart he must be a voice for the jews how do you make peace with him he's the moderate quote unquote hi ladies and gentlemen i'll be right back month over him callow news talk through teen twenty one who seven point nine pizza simple premise we give you the news so you stay.

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