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The best life in the whole entire world. I know and we went to the Bahamas. It was so cool for the guys that were living there just jumping these boats and just take off go fishing for the day and come back and they would sell the fish right there at the market. You know maybe that's rich to them because some people don't have a boat that they can do that. I mean ones value. One man's rich value is all depending on whose interpreting it some of the celebrities out there that have donated money you may or may not know but I mean tiger woods has donated a million dollars. Justin Timberlake has donated a million in some odd dollars Michael Jordan and all the unknown people that are donating being money or helping with money. I know there's a good friend of mine on the facebook page cab bassinet he has I wanna get into his story a little bit later on but I mean he showed pictures of he was loading up toilets just standard toilets into a container or container and they were getting ready to ship all those over to to the Bahamas to help with some kind of relief. I mean just these little things the people that you know. I don't want to say they want. I'M NOT WANNA take credit for it. I just want to donate my money and you just kind of behind closed doors. I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing but I mean that's great. That's great that people are. Maybe it'll keep the ball rolling. When you see someone like Michael Jordan donating eighty million dollars and everyone go well he can afford it and Justin Timberlake well. You know what I can afford giving one hundred dollars I can afford you can afford giving I say Ford. I don't know Oh you're balances though but I mean five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars and who's to say I donated many things before involving Hurricane Doreen opportunities out there just is be careful scams and stuff all that but it's great a lot of celebrities have stepped up and done that as well and speaking of how my week's going how are you doing. I'm doing great. Thank you for asking my wife. Now you heard past couple podcast ago. My wife's sprained her foot. She stepped in one of those little dusting things at the chickens made we we have chickens and they make it a little dusting when they themselves there's a little pot pot holes in the air and she stepped into a strangle cheese hobbling around and trying to maintain proper proper. Robert uprightness she now has the I think starting the end of last week she came up to me and said you know my job is hurting. I think I think I've got an she's been really really stressed at work and she's been doing long days and long hours and it just it's horrible. I I feel sorry for feel bad for her that she's got him because you know she literally it comes home and she's like. I'm done. I just want to find something to eat and you go to bed and wake up and do it all again and her jobs not that bad on normal basis you enjoys what she does but just these last couple couple of weeks and has been stressful for and I feel for and I try to help her out and I tried to make her transition from work and homelife as smooth as possible but something that she she swore up and down that that she has now. Do you know what tm Jay is. I'm going to get I'm going to have some help here. Tm I'm Jay Disorder and what it is. It's it's technically a jaw pain and I can't pronounce the first part so we'll let this person say former you ready here. We go temperament if you're okay so that it's that jar muscle essentially what it is. It's bone on bone rubbing on each other. People have got bad knees. I've got bad ankles. I've got this and that and the the cartilage has gone will same thing that the joint on your jaw from Clinton your she wears the bite guard. She wears all the stuff tries. Take care of herself as far as that relaxed no stress when you get home but she has the the bike guard. She does a little exercises when she feels herself. Grinding or teeth yeah yeah. I mean she thought she had TM J. Well. You know you go to the doctor. Finally you get into a dentist. I should say I go to the dentist the dentist thing it's an oral thing go to the dentist so we go to our. Dennis and I said you know make sure they do X. Rays and stuff and I'm looking at great. It's going to be thousands of dollars for x-rays and for the figure it out. We'll come to find find out. She has a root underneath a crown. That decided to get pissy. Essentially what happened now. Oh I thought when you get a root canal ruben out cap. I guess they kind of just willow your your your your tooth down. You know I'm not GonNa do the drill sound for area while the back to them and then they glue this little essentially crown stick around on top the nerve underneath I guess got really really bad and they put the crown on it so it's like camping a assessable kind of sounds really horrible camping cesspool keeping all the bacteria and stuff inside and now she's having problems with whatever is going on so she had to go get a root canal and so we went to the doctor on Monday and you know I say Dr Dennis Yeah. I am a doctor but the dentist said you'll all. You have to get a root canal. I'm completely book because we go to the place up in Cornelius and he's completely booked. He you know he has to be schedule for this and everyone's gotta be scheduled for something. He's like. I'll refer you to someone in your local area so we did that. We called and sure enough can't get them can't get her in until Thursday okay so this is Monday so she had to go through Tuesday all day at work and Wednesday all day at work like I was like I was telling you twelve thirteen hour days with this pain and I'm like it's funny. She was home. She did a half day on to know Wednesday. I think she did a half day here at at the French and she has an office in the front part of the building here. I said You know what my dad used to do it. I know it sounds silly. I said you know we've got some southern comfort up there and I said just just barely you know one. One of those heavy lip glasses. I poured a little bit in it. Kit just poured onto Paper Cup. I gotta be stylish right. Support a little bit of southern company on like just just put it in your mouth and just have it like sit on on their like you would do with salt water and she takes a little. Let's sit on that gum. I said let it soak in. Let it get and she's like the spits it back and she's like God. That's awful I go. I know it's awful I said now. How does it feel. She's like Oh my God within seconds. It was great. I say great. It was manageable. If you would have seen the pain she was going through shooting pain which goes into your ear. which you know goes up to your temple area? I felt so bad for our wish. It could've taken it away. I wish I wish you would have done the southern comfort on the nights that she had really really bad pain but so that's the that's the latest from this side of the side of the microphone. When are you guys doing. I ask you all the time I know you ask. All Time gives call here. The station Florida seven four four eight eight zero six eleven time at four zero seven four four eight eight zero zero when we come back. We're going to talk about something about me because I put my wife on display there so I'm GonNa talk about me and my full nude body was on display. We'll talk about more. When we come back you listen to the Deacon live right here on radio? I'll be right back. Joan was quizzical studied had a physical and the hose. They hope majoring in medicine. It can take you out a whole. It's not.

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