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Toyama area That now makes people claim that it's haunted I'm not gonna give away the details. I'm gonna let pat do that but let's just say that this might be one of our more disturbing episodes definitely if you're squeamish we will do our best to warn you before we get into it and not be too graphic but you know it's one of those things that I if you're if you're squeamish you you may want to skip skip that part A little bit But to me it's really not surprising that the somewhat recent history of the park has led to some paranormal stories. Discretion is definitely advised in this one And i you know. Sometimes we toss around that. And it's not so bad but i had a lot of trouble doing the research for this one like i got squeamish and that doesn't happen very often. Yeah some of the some of the dietz as the kids are calling it now. So do you have a ghost story lined up for hate you go story right earlier. Tonight is going to be interesting. We are going to see some stuff. I can feel it. We've been in tokyo for two days and we met this old man at lunch today. Who told us about the scariest place to go. It's a park cold. Tie yoma park. And it's only a twenty minute. Walk from subway station. He said that a bunch of bodies were found there and they are not all at rest. Shivers okay. we just arrived at the park. And it's beautiful but the sun just set and the vibe is very different. It's getting a bit freaky around here. Just made it to this large hill on the eastern side of the park. The old man said this is the place that we should walk up to the top and look for spirits in the air. What was that. We just heard the creepiest noise. Like someone crying or screaming. It sounded like it came from the top of the hill. Okay it took some convincing on my part but we've made it to the top of the hill so far we haven't seen anything or heard anything new but the darkness is deep. There are lights along the path but they aren't enough to cut through the dark so i was sitting on a bench just trying to listen and i heard a voice that sounded like it was some other language not japanese or english. It was speaking so fast and urgently and pain. I just felt such sadness. Wash over me. They were pecking for help. I could just feel it. I stood up with tears on my face to saying. I'm sorry. i'm so sorry. We left soon after now. I'm sitting in our hostile just wondering what happened to these people that are souls are in such torment. Wow okay so i like that. It's kind of like diary style. Your go story. Is that what you were going. Forward kind of like tweets almost a little bit on the twitter and the twitter please on twitter by the way go sleep on cast. It is or youtube There's definitely you can find a lot of great youtube videos out there. People doing paranormal Explorations of the park and this is kind of an inch to that. Awesome aren't well. let's take a break and then we will get to the history tons guy. Pat put too creepy stories. Funny ghosts memes and inside ghostly information having common my life while yes but no it's also ghostly society on facebook..

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