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For a little bit later on in the hour, will be joined by represented back Gates from Florida to talk about his new book. Plus, we'll be joined by Jim Caviezel is the star of Infidel and also The star of the upcoming sequel to the Passion of the Christ. He'll stop by to talk about those movies. But first we begin with the latest from Louisville. So Louisville Police have announced that basically the curfew in the entire city starting at nine PM in anticipation of riots. And Louisville grand jury has now indicted on Ly one officer in the Briana Taylor police shooting and that officers not been indicted for murder. Former detective Brett Hand contain was indicted on three counts of first degree wanton endangerment. Now the reason that nobody was indicted for murder is because this wasn't a murder. Meaning that there was no violation of of law. Implicit in effectuating a no knock warrant and then when you are fired upon firing back The reason that wanton endangerment was charged. It's a Class D felony. It carries a penalty of 1 to 5 years in prison. The charges, said that Hankinson wantonly shotgun into at least an adjoining apartment. So that means that really was not about Briana Taylor being shot because again she was in the apartment in fairly close proximity to her boyfriend who was firing on police. It was because The shots that were fired, were fired at I guess that other walls or something. Basically, it sounds like the prosecutors. Were firmly convinced they had to charge somebody or the city would burn. The judges in a $15,000 cash Bond for Hankerson award has been issued for him for his arrest. None of the none of the officers were charged over the actual situation. Briana Taylor, particularly Protesters immediately began chanting No justice! No peace because nothing says justice quite like a mob outside, baying for a particular result, and then when they don't get it, then they suggested they're going to do violence. The announcement came after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's office presented his findings to the grand jury earlier this week. It seems been investigating the tailor shooting since May. As I mentioned, Mayor Greg Fischer has invoked a 72 hour curfew, effective Wednesday night from from 9 P.m. to 6 30 am Last week, the city announced a $12 million settlement with Taylor's family. It includes more than a dozen police reforms, including revision of how no knock warrants are actually used. Taylor's death have been show has been showcased in news reports in public statements by celebrities athletes. Here's the reality about Briana Taylor case. Police had a well Reason warrant to enter the apartment, No knock the reason being. They had information that she was operating, or at least her apartment was being used as part of a drug ring by one of her boyfriends. There was 39 pages of evidence to that effect. She's on tape talking to that man about His involvement in the drug trade. I went to effectuate the warrant. They apparently knocked on the door despite it being a no knock warrant. The the boy current boyfriend inside the apartment, then fired at the police officers when they came into the apartment. They fired back on him. They killed Briana Taylor. It's a tragedy. It is not a crime, so the actual crime apparently had really nothing to do with Briana Taylor. It had to do with this particular officer firing in wild directions when the door burst open, according to the study. Done by the Louisville police. One of the officers, the boyfriend man, and Walker fired a single shot from his Glock handgun. That actually hit one of the officers in the fi severing.

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