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About fifteen minutes got Kaufman administrator athletic director he's been doing this for almost twenty five years at Lakota west high school talk about a lot of things including what's been going on in high school said the summer to fall he's got a daughter in college you got one about ready to start I got two in college will talk about what the fall looks like for counties I teach will get into that box right now we're talking a little entertainment and sports so one in five Americans say that they are essentially based on research say that they're ready to return to their normal life right which seems low to me seems low all of my all of the doctors and everything on Facebook these days so what about this two out of five so forty percent right now a great mathematician say that they can't imagine attending a sporting event for the rest of twenty two not only two in five I think they would yeah no yes yes correct say they feel comfortable attending a sporting event in Toronto two one five and all I'm saying and I guess is because my pages the derivative of my page is rock radio so everybody that's definitely on my page is a music fan right one concert right sure understandable but I can I mean I can certainly see that with the some of the paranoia and the different situational set ups and what not but I I still feel like that number is low I think are a lot of people are talking a good game but they'll be like you go first you know right well it's it's just like school so we're getting that was Scott but but the rear yeah do you want to be the first school to open up whenever you open up and then have an issue have a recurrence which everybody sees the prop part that bothers me about all of this is it and I understand it could spite okay but we're we're living everything now off of it cool right well I understand that but my my point being at some point somebody's going to have to get in the water right well and I think some some senses being talked about this from the health care community in that listen we're going to have to roll this out if you are one of the people that doesn't feel like you are ready to correct have to that's absolutely that's correct thing you have to keep in mind no one's going to make you do it right so but there are people of financially have to do it and if they are comfortable putting whatever risk you know themselves at risk because laws are not putting someone else at risk then you're gonna have to let this happen because herd immunity is something that is ultimately going to have to be built up as move forward but if you don't feel comfortable you don't have to do it let me ask you this I know you and I love when there's nothing we love to being just smashed in a section with tons of peace great revitalized and sweating I love it are you an American I love concerts but I'm like you I have gotten to the point where I've been to so many of them you more concerts and Mimi sporting events that I'm okay watching on TV I'm okay listen to music just listening to the music but would you feel I mean would you if you want an opportunity to see somebody I'm just making this up in November S. suing that you assuming that you were able would you be okay I'm I'm not a good test case okay for this because the only reason I would go to a show now has nothing to do with any of that I was this was my mindset already correct I've seen everybody I want to say now there's when couples I haven't seen that I would like to see what I what we'll do is I will go with many fan right watch her watch a show and see through her eyes because that is the joy that I get out of the situation and getting her an opportunity to see some like when she wanted to go see motionless in white river band I said well we'll go do that but you have to stay on watch Alice Cooper and she loved Alice Cooper so that was the fulfilling its most fulfilling part of it for me outside of that I don't need to go do that insure but there are so many people I know that still do whether be sporting events or concerts let me ask you this yes in Lithuanians they've decided to get back to live music by utilizing drive in movies the bands are setting up on the stage of the front of the screen accounting out staging cars are ex number again apart as they would be in a drive in movie and that's how they have approached it in look interesting analysts await one the wrong guy to ask because I love drive ins yeah back in the day what we used to go all the time I know there's starlight album yeah I know there are very few there's only two or three in the entire yeah kind of the DMA Ross Hamilton that was on right Ishtar years ago yep we're the only car there they've also done well I don't think we're going to see that happen in this country right but here's the other thing ever is like I love this idea let's do all we can send our trunk and what we'll do here's what I would tell you if everybody can keep themselves on their own car you know maybe it would be worth trying with even with a local band or a tribute right but we can't we cannot lock ourselves down around and seen so many now doing the dumbest nonsense we can't keep to ourselves and even given that opportunity no one would be able to do that with the American mindset you couldn't do it now here's the bigger problem okay you can't make any money doing it that's the S. it it's on to Saddam right that's and that's the problem with the what a lot of ideas sound really good to to us perhaps as consumers but again are you you're not the one footing the bill right you know making the suggestion is one thing being able to actually operate as a business venture is another yeah if you want to charge five hundred dollars a car I don't think that's going over really gonna happen some of the cars are probably worth at that point it goes right back exactly and to twelve people on your try I remember those days but but to your point about you know doing events for a living and everything else people don't understand excellence so you have to build out you have to build out the PA right the lighting page article you have to pay the bad it have to be worth it to the band yeah it's not financially here already it's me now no you don't we we had Dave moody right yes Sundar struck and I mean it in this in the one thing that I've come to the conclusion we start to see a lot more of the in home you know it's a kind of virtual type stuff but this is taking a massive toll on the music well and I would say to them I'm I'm in contact with him a couple times a week because they have spent essentially for five years developing thunderstruck as the pre eminent ACDC tribute whatever you believe about triplex doesn't matter they've developed this business model they're packing festivals packing right huge balls JYJ and it is just every day he says I'm just hoping it is not throwing away everything we've worked hard for because there's a chance you may not have any shows before the end of the year I think there's a good chance family yeah but I don't think that way but I but I do I mean basically if you look at or talk about a vaccine perhaps in January but until then well here's another one all right our buddy Kevin fox who we talked to a couple of weeks ago guy who came off the medical issues already had some issues with regard to his gigs being filled in by other local musicians well now he and I'm seeing a handful of others that are in this group that we share on our Facebook page they're finding out now that some of their regular accounts and bars and restaurants where they normally played if they are opening up we're not gonna have any more live music through the end of the year so even if they all right sure there those guilds are long gone yeah it is well I'm telling you that the disposable income factor is one thing but will people go back out it is a is a thing that why I think by with well into next year is going to be a by agreeing in you just brought up something that's very interesting too if you're re opening if you're the owner and your re opening you don't know yet you can't project because nobody's ever been through this yeah so think about it what are you going to be looking to do and this gets right to the music cut cut down expenses yeah until you know that your back I saw a television on the news tonight it was the resists cafe in mount lookout you know they've been closed since not long and you know that they were asking him about he goes and you've been this apps and I love the eserver right I mean in there your what a photo I mean just a modest seating yeah so can you and he and he basically said that he goes we have four or five people in here I mean I think that's a huge piece of the puzzle that's well not easy to figure out we've talked to where we are we've added the larger than live to our portfolio yeah we're doing I'm working on another project with Jimmy king for making karate girls are gonna be doing something online on Tuesday nights but I have another money making idea I want to run by you after the news and see what you can do it after the news you can do it after eleven after eleven after eleven and I got a little of music question for a minute test you test your music metal all right fair enough it's not spelled M. E. T. A. L. just for the record all right ask your music metal well we'll do that after we check with rob carpenter he's gamble I'm said it's your weekly reality check on newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. Cincinnati Ohio governor Mike DeWine extending his stay at home order this is the ten thirty report breaking down many Ohioans marking may first tomorrow on their calendars.

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