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Stubborn whatever there was another article. I read that this man in China was arrested forgiving dogs illegal names, what like cuss names or something. So I was here. Carrier. Plus, the reason I looked it up with what's an illegal maim cat Hitler Bush, so he gave them he was naming dogs yet to dogs H, obviously with, with Chinese names. The first one was Chengguan, which is officials employed in urban areas to tackle low level crime. So we see like police be named one dog. And the other was Z Guan, which is informal community workers, such as traffic assistance. So basically he named his dog's like police officer and traffic cop and got arrested for that. In was he put in jail, like what was the link of his service for these crimes? He must spend ten days in administrative detention center. What does China what's up? What does China call Taiwan? Do they know but they don't like it's not a region. A delaying I see just China range eight they don't they don't use whatever Taiwan uses for themselves because Taiwan refer themselves as the Republic of China. So I think whenever like we deal typically, we have the United States does diplomatically. They have to be careful about how they refer to the nation of Taiwan. Right. Well for. Thank. Wow, that's amazing. Maybe it's it's a complicated situation. Like Chinese government official just off camera. Sorry, let me rephrase. That's a, that's a fucked up situation, going on still going on thereabouts. Isn't it like the next few years? It's going to be a completely segmented internet. Right. They're going to have their own internet. Russia's was working on that thing that way. Well, I mean you heard the did you hear the news about wallpa-? Oh, yeah. Google revoke their Android license. They actually just got it back for ninety days. There's been a nice day reprieve on that. But Google revoked their Android license their access to Google apps. And on top of that US suppliers are going to stop sending them parts and then because of the way that the band is worded other international suppliers are also going to stop some other interact with sports, will also stop sending Weiwei parts is there'll be a phone company who cannot get parts from outside of China and cannot use an operating system from outside of China. Do you really want them to have their own OS? Isn't that way? What it's China? I mean, if you revoke a license like okay we'll stop using that I mean, what what do they give us shit? They're going to use it. They'll use it maybe internally, but they'll get blocked or we're talking about hardware. They'll have to develop it. Don't develop stuff internally in China. While we devices normally don't use the Google ecosystem thing Mainers. This was this in response to something what's going to trade war, escalated between China, the United States, which is some serious have going on with it to where she's a serious situation. Rain is much more serious. I think de-escalated what the escalated a bit. But yes has it. ESPN. Okay. The there's been a I read an article, there was a shift sudden shift in the programming for television movies in China. Whether it's now like it's very popular have anti US media so that you remember telling you about the Chinese film. I watched a wandering earth. Yeah. There are no American characters in that film. But on the space station, the two of the main characters are a Chinese astronaut and his best friend, who's a Russian cosmonaut, says, like the Chinese and the Russians working together in space to try to save her. You don't think there's no American character? You might see Americans briefly like in a montage, like what they're doing in the United States. It's because, you know as global cinema grows. You know, if you look over time at, like, what were the evil characters like Russians were evil characters like default in movies? And then anybody from the Middle East was the default for a while. It was or Brits were there for for a long time..

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